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The second of [[Performer~P99633~Jerry Lewis~jerrylewis]]' directorial endeavors, The Errand Boy, like its predecessor [[Feature~V4755~The Bellboy~thebellboy]], is essentially a series of "spot gags," some hilarious, others only moderately amusing. The gossamer-thin plot finds Morty Tashman ([[Performer~P162377~Lewis~lewis]]) being hired by the CEO of "Paramutuel Pictures" ([[Performer~P19633~Brian Donlevy~briandonlevy]]) to spy on studio employees and report any incidents of wastefulness and sloth. This gives Morty a chance to wander all over the Paramutuel Pictures lot, inadvertently interfering with work in progress, encountering strange characters and inexplicable events, and overall making as much of a nuisance of himself as possible. Some of the better gags include Morty's chaotic behavior at the "wrap party" for a vainglorious movie queen ([[Performer~P410~Iris Adrian~irisadrian]]); his attempts to eat lunch while a noisy battle scene from a war picture rages all around him; his misguided effort to dub in the singing voice of a tone-deaf actress; the "Mr. Baebrosenthal" bit; and Morty's tete-a-tete in the studio swimming pool with a scuba diver. The weakest scenes involve Morty's sugary encounters with the Ritts Puppets, and a smug curtain speech about the importance of laughmakers in this troubled world. The huge supporting cast includes such reliable chucklemeisters as [[Performer~P47976~Howard McNear~howardmcnear]], [[Performer~P62113~Sig Ruman~sigrumann]], [[Performer~P25179~Milton Frome~miltonfrome]], [[Performer~P109196~Benny Rubin~bennyrubin]], [[Performer~P22985~Fritz Feld~fritzfeld]], [[Performer~P75127~Doodles Weaver~doodlesweaver]], [[Performer~P24309~Joey Forman~joeyforman]], [[Performer~P121947~Dick Wesson~dickwesson]] and [[Performer~P5941~Joe Besser~joebesser]]; also making fleeting appearances are actress/writer/director [[Performer~P70084~Renee Taylor~renéetaylor]], veteran movie tough guy [[Performer~P46787~Mike Mazurki~mikemazurki]] (in drag!), silent film comic [[Performer~P57244~Snub Pollard~harrysnubpollard]], and the four stars from TV's [[Feature~V132988~Bonanza~bonanza[tvseries]]]. Even non-[[Performer~P99633~Jerry Lewis~jerrylewis]] fans will come down with a case of loose chuckles while watching The Errand Boy. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Jerry Lewis
as Morty S. Tashman
Brian Donlevy
as Mr. T.P.
Howard McNear
as Dexter Sneak
Dick Wesson
as The AD
Pat Dahl
as Miss Carson
Renée Taylor
as Miss Giles
Stanley Adams
as Grumpy
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. T.P.
Isobel Elsom
as Irma Paramutual
Sig Rumann
as Baron Elston Carteblanche
Felicia Atkins
as Serina
Doodles Weaver
as Man on scaffold
Fritz Feld
as Foreign Director
Kenneth MacDonald
as Mr. Fumble
Joey Forman
as Jedson
Iris Adrian
as Great Actress
Del Moore
as MC
David Landfield
as Lance
Dick Wessel
as The A.D.
Mike Mazurki
as Blonde "Movie Siren"
Mary Ritts
as Herself
Dan Blocker
as Himself
Lorne Greene
as Himself
Michael Landon
as himself
Pernell Roberts
as Himself


Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis
Walter Scharf
Composer (Music Score)
Hal Pereira
Art Director
Arthur Lonergan
Art Director
Sam Comer
Set Designer
Ed Pine
Set Designer
Edith Head
Costume Designer
Charles Grenzbach
Sound/Sound Designer
Hugo Grenzbach
Sound/Sound Designer
Ralph Axness
First Assistant Director
Nick Castle
Wally Westmore