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Love means never having to say that you're ugly in the extravagant fantasy film Enemy Mine. Earthling [[Performer~P58161~Dennis Quaid~dennisquaid]] is Davidge, one of many space warriors engaged in a bloody extraterrestrial battle against the Draconians. Crash-landing on a faraway planet, Davidge is forced into an "up close and personal" with the Drac (Lou Gossett Jr.), a repellant, reptilian creature. Evidently a bivalve, the Drac gives birth to a baby Drac just before expiring. Now a reluctant foster father, Davidge tries to keep himself and the baby alive while the war continues to rage all around them. The special effects (courtesy Industrial Light and Magic) are serviceable if not brilliant, and the acting is okay so far as it goes. What socks over Enemy Mine is [[Performer~P117886~Rolf Zehetbauer~rolfzehetbauer]]'s awe-inspiring production design and [[Performer~P115748~Chris Walas~chriswalas]]' superb makeup work. Though a favorite on home video, the film deserves to be seen on a wide theatre screen. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Dennis Quaid
as Davidge
Louis Gossett, Jr.
as Drac
Brion James
as Stubbs
Richard Marcus
as Arnold
Carolyn McCormick
as Morse
Bumper Robinson
as Zammis
Andy Geer
as Bates
Colin Gilder
as Chavo
Lou Michaels
as Wilson
Henry Stolow
as Cates
Jim Mapp
as Old Drac
Scott Kraft
as Jonathan
Peter Jurasik
Lance Kerwin
as Wooster
Jazzer Jeyes
as Scarbreath
Mike Fenton
Frank Henson
as Lump
Herb Andress
as Hopper
Jane Feinberg
Barry Stokes
as Huck
Jack Luceno
as Drac Movement
Mandy Hausenberger
as Medic


Wolfgang Petersen
Stephen Friedman
Edward Khmara
Tony Imi
Maurice Jarre
Composer (Music Score)
Milan Bor
Musical Direction/Supervision
Hannes Nikel
Rolf Zehetbauer
Production Designer
Herbert Strabel
Art Director
Werner Achmann
Art Director
Stanley O'Toole
Executive Producer
Rolf Zehetbauer
Set Designer
Monika Bauert
Costume Designer
Chris Walas
Special Effects
Barry Longyear
Short Story Author