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In a future in which the privileged reside on an Earth-orbiting space station named Elysium and the less fortunate live on the surface of the blighted, overpopulated planet below, one man dares to defy the strict anti-immigration laws that separate the two disparate worlds in order to save all of mankind in this visceral sci-fi action thriller from [[Feature~V423766~District 9~district9]] director [[Performer~P484717~Neill Blomkamp~neillblomkamp]]. The year is 2154, and the division between social classes has grown wider than ever before. As the rich enjoy a life of luxury and access to cutting-edge medical technology on Elysium, the rest of the human race contend with poverty, crime, and disease on the surface of planet Earth. Meanwhile, hard-line immigration laws ensure that only those who have been explicitly approved will ever set foot on the elusive paradise in the stars. 36-year-old Max ([[Performer~P16762~Matt Damon~mattdamon]]) lives in an L.A. shantytown and earns his living by working on an Armadyne assembly line. He's had a rough past, but he's struggling to stay on the right side of the law when he realizes that his only hope for survival after being exposed to deadly radiation is to reach Elysium. Should Max succeed, he will strike a major blow for equality in the eyes of his fellow surface dwellers; should he fail, it will mean certain death. In his quest to become the hero who can restore the balance between the rich and the poor, however, Max must first do battle with Elysium's hawkish Secretary of Defense Delacourt ([[Performer~P90220~Jodie Foster~jodiefoster]]), who has devoted her entire career to maintaining that division, and whose key enforcer Kruger ([[Performer~P484722~Sharlto Copley~sharltocopley]]) is notorious for his brutal tactics in driving out illegals. With the fates of millions hanging in the balance, Max sets his sights on Elysium and never looks back. [[Performer~P436811~Alice Braga~alicebraga]], [[Performer~P196831~Diego Luna~diegoluna]], [[Performer~P23302~William Fichtner~williamfichtner]], and [[Performer~P275528~Faran Tahir~farantahir]] co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:August 9, 2013


Matt Damon
as Max Da Costa
Jodie Foster
as Secretary Delacourt
Sharlto Copley
as Kruger
Alice Braga
as Frey
Diego Luna
as Julio
Wagner Moura
as Spider
William Fichtner
as John Carlyle
Brandon Auret
as Drake
Jose Pablo Cantillo
as Sandro
Maxwell Perry Cotton
as Young Max
Faran Tahir
as President Patel
Adrian Holmes
as Manuel
Jared Keeso
as Rico
Carly Pope
as CCB Agent
Ona Grauer
as CCB Agent
Michael Shanks
as CCB Agent
Christina Cox
as CCB Agent
Terry Chen
as Technician
Catherine Lough Haggquist
as Representative Burrard
Mike Mitchell
as Foreman
Chris Shields
as Dr. Faziel
Johnny Cicco
as Vincente
Inaqui Goci
as Bus Station Gangster
Christian Vazquez
as Gangster
Alejandro Rae
as Gangster
Patricia Benoit
as Street Child
Tracy Waterhouse
as Nurse
Kendall Cross
as Armadyne Investor
Julian Christopher
as Armadyne Investor
Fraser Aitcheson
as Spider's Ship Rider
Taras Kostyuk
as Spider's Ship Smuggler
Heath Stevenson
as Android
Lloyd Adams
as Android


Neill Blomkamp
Neill Blomkamp
Simon Kinberg
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Neill Blomkamp
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