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El Viento se llevo lo que Details


Argentine director Alejando Agresti directed this surreal, allegorical Argentine-French-Dutch- Spanish comedy-drama. Winner of the "Golden Shell Grand Prize" at the 1998 San Sebastian Film Festival, the absurdist tale is set during the '70s. Young Buenos Aires cabdriver Soledad (Vera Fogwill), tired of fending off molesting passengers and dealing with her exploitative boss, keeps driving her cab straight out of the city and into the mountains, arriving at a remote and dusty Patagonian village, Rio Pico. The town's only contact with the outside world is a cinema which shows film reels out of sequence or upside-down -- as referenced in the title's reversal of Vera Fogwill. This has impacted on local inhabitants, causing them to speak in non sequiturs. Soledad checks into an inn run by Doña Maria (Angela Molina), and when locals find out she was a journalism student, they ask her to host their newsreels about life in Rio Pico. Her new job as news anchor leads to a romance with film critic Pedro (Fabian Vena). Doña Marie finds love blossoming when faded French film star Edgar Wexley (Jean Rochefort) arrives in town as a result of massive amounts of fan mail. Village scientist Antonio (Ulises Dumont) makes regular jaunts to Buenos Aires with his discoveries (such as the theory of relativity), only to be told these were previously discovered in earlier decades. Change comes to Rio Pico when electricity and television arrive, and the town's magical, idiosyncratic appeal begins to fade. Also shown at the 1998 Chicago Film Festival. Spanish and French dialogue. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi


Vera Fogwill
as Soledad
Ángela Molina
as Dona Maria
Fabián Vena
as Pedro
Jean Rochefort
as Edgar Wexley
Ulises Dumont
as Antonio
Carlos Roffe
as Amalfi
Sebastian Polonsky
as Dario


Alejandro Agresti
Thierry Forte
Facundo Narducci
Alejandro Agresti
Sarah Halioua
Alejandro Agresti
Mauricio Rubinstein
Alejandro Brodersohn
Floris Vos
Art Director
Julio Fernández
Associate Producer
Massimo Vigliar
Associate Producer
Mariana Brik
Costume Designer
Micaela Saiegh
Costume Designer
Guillermo Kohen
First Assistant Director
Pablo Wisznia
Line Producer
Veronica Cura
Line Producer