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El Hombre Desnudo Details


This Mexican vaquero (cowboy) film centers on a group of no-good, dirty, low-down varmints who want to drive a group of law-abiding folks away from where they live in order to pull off a land deal. They will stop at nothing: not rape, not murder, in order to accomplish this feat. However, they are opposed by a good-hearted if peculiar gunman who gets his opponents under his control and then makes certain he gets a good look at their naked buttocks. He is searching for the man who killed his parents, who apparently bore a branding mark in that location. Though completely earnest and sincere, this goofy drama could enjoy some cross-over viewership among those who enjoy campy cowboy dramas and those with a yen to view male backsides without all those distracting clothes on them. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Barry Coe
as Moe
Irma Lozano
as Lisa Hastings
Barney O'Sullivan
Ivor Harries


Javier Castro
Composer (Music Score)