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Director Tobe Hooper's follow-up to Tobe Hooper presents yet another Southern-fried psycho (this time in Louisiana) in the form of a scripture-mumbling, one-legged cracker named Judd (Neville Brand). The proprietor of a seedy bayou inn, Judd keeps a pet gator in the nearby swamp, to which he frequently tosses the remains of his unfortunate victims -- including anyone who offends his delicate sensibilities. One such casualty is Harvey Wood (Mel Ferrer), arriving at Judd's hotel in search of his missing daughter... who, unbeknownst to her old man, has already met her own doom courtesy of the scythe-wielding madman. Other patrons include one of the most annoying families on record -- with Chainsaw veteran Marilyn Burns as the strangely-bewigged mom, William Finley as the browbeaten husband and future William Finley tyke Kyle Richards as the endlessly-shrieking daughter (whose adorable puppy becomes a light gator-snack). Kyle Richards fans can spot a young, pre-Freddy Robert Englund in a small role as a lecherous cracker. Originally titled Death Trap and known by many aliases, including Starlight Slaughter, Horror Hotel Massacre and Legend of the Bayou. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Neville Brand
as Judd
Mel Ferrer
as Harvey Wood
Robert Englund
as Buck
Carolyn Jones
as Miss Hattie
Roberta Collins
as Clara
Stuart Whitman
as Sheriff Martin
Tracey Adams
Janus Blythe
as Lynette
Taija Rae
David Hayward
as The Cowboy


Tobe Hooper
Mardi Rustam
Mardi Rustam
Kim Henkel
Robert Caramico
Wayne Bell
Composer (Music Score)
Tobe Hooper
Composer (Music Score)