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Earthquake Details


Los Angeles is the natural site for a film about earthquakes: they happen there frequently, and the landscape is familiar to moviegoers from thousands of films. A huge number of ongoing vignettes which include cameos from numerous celebrities and stars are tied together by the ongoing efforts of architect Graff (Charleton Heston) to rescue his estranged spoiled-rich-girl wife (Ava Gardner), while helping out with the ongoing rescue efforts taking place around him and while trying to determine what has happened to his mistress Denise (Genvieve Bujold). The rumbling sound effect designed for this film (Sensurround) won a "Best Sound" Oscar for the film in 1975. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

  • Release date:November 15, 1974


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Ronald Pierce Best Sound 1974 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Dorothy Spencer Best Editing 1974 Nominee
Hollywood Foreign Press Association John Williams Best Original Score 1974 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Alexander Golitzen Best Art Direction 1974 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Albert J. Whitlock Special Achievement 1974 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Philip H. Lathrop Best Cinematography 1974 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Frank Brendel Special Achievement 1974 Winner


Charlton Heston
as Graff
Ava Gardner
as Remy Graff
George Kennedy
as Patrolman Slade
Lorne Greene
as Royce
Geneviève Bujold
as Denise
Richard Roundtree
as Miles
Tiger Williams
as Corry Marshall
Gabriel Dell
as Miles's Manager
H.B. Haggerty
as Pool Player
Lloyd Gough
as Cameron
Dave Morick
as Technician
John Randolph
as Mayor
Monica Lewis
as Royce's Secretary
George Murdock
as Colonel
Inez Pedroza
as Laura
Gene Dynarski
as Dam Caretaker
Marjoe Gortner
as Jody
Tim Herbert
as Man
Pedro Armendariz, Jr.
as Slade's Partner
Barry Sullivan
as Dr. Stockle
Victoria Principal
as Rosa
Bob Cunningham
as Dr. Frank Ames
Donald Moffat
as Dr. Harvey Johnson
Alan Vint
as Ralph
Walter Matthau
as Drunk
Lloyd Nolan
as Dr. Vance
Scott Hylands
as Assistant Dam Caretaker
Jesse Vint
as Buck
Kip Niven
as Assistant Seismologist


Mark Robson
Mark Robson
Mario Puzo
Philip H. Lathrop
John Williams
Composer (Music Score)
Dorothy Spencer
Alexander Golitzen
Production Designer
Burton Miller
Costume Designer
Ronald Pierce
Sound/Sound Designer
Jack McMasters
Special Effects
Albert J. Whitlock
Special Effects
Frank Brendel
Special Effects
Jesse Wayne
Orin Borsten