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Viewers young and old will have a ball watching the adventures of Officer Judy Hopps, as Zootopia delivers a message of empowerment and tolerance while making us laugh with its well-told story. 


Just Like a Woman Just Like a Woman  (R) Released Oct.22, 2013
I Give It a Year I Give It a Year  (R) Released Oct.22, 2013
The Waiting Room The Waiting Room  (NR) Released Oct.22, 2013
As Cool as I Am As Cool as I Am  (R) Released Oct.22, 2013
The Wall The Wall  (NR) Released Oct.22, 2013
Paradise: Faith Paradise: Faith  (NR) Released Oct.22, 2013
The Heat The Heat  (R) Released Oct.15, 2013
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain  (R) Released Oct.15, 2013
Pacific Rim Pacific Rim  (PG-13) Released Oct.15, 2013
Drug War Drug War  (R) Released Oct.15, 2013
Space Warriors Space Warriors  (PG) Released Oct.15, 2013
Maniac Maniac  (NR) Released Oct.15, 2013