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The Jungle Book

John Favreau’s remake of the Disney classic is an extraordinary blend of CGI and live action, as fresh and immersive as it is familiar and timeless. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this visual masterpiece. 


Bridegroom Bridegroom  (R) Released Nov.19, 2013
Hannah Arendt Hannah Arendt  (NR) Released Nov.19, 2013
Crystal Fairy Crystal Fairy  (NR) Released Nov.19, 2013
Breaking the Girls Breaking the Girls  (NR) Released Nov.19, 2013
All Is Bright All Is Bright  (R) Released Nov.19, 2013
And While We Were Here And While We Were Here  (R) Released Nov.19, 2013
The Grandmaster The Grandmaster  (PG-13) Released Nov.12, 2013
Blackfish Blackfish  (PG-13) Released Nov.12, 2013
Grabbers Grabbers   Released Nov.12, 2013
Paradise Paradise  (PG-13) Released Nov.12, 2013
Becoming Traviata Becoming Traviata  (NR) Released Nov.12, 2013
Dealin' With Idiots Dealin' With Idiots  (NR) Released Nov.12, 2013