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Gone Girl

David Fincher's brilliant, slick take on the best-selling novel features a knockout performance by Rosamund Pike as the suddenly missing wife of Ben Affleck's shallow, callous writer. To say more would spoil it... 

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Between Us Between Us  (R) Released Jul.30, 2013
Black Rock Black Rock  (R) Released Jul.30, 2013
Assault on Wall Street Assault on Wall Street  (R) Released Jul.30, 2013
Rushlights Rushlights  (R) Released Jul.30, 2013
Under the Bed Under the Bed  (R) Released Jul.30, 2013
Filly Brown Filly Brown  (R) Released Jul.30, 2013
Trance Trance  (R) Released Jul.23, 2013
Welcome to the Punch Welcome to the Punch  (R) Released Jul.23, 2013
Hunky Dory Hunky Dory  (NR) Released Jul.23, 2013
New World New World  (NR) Released Jul.23, 2013
The Jeffrey Dahmer Files The Jeffrey Dahmer Files  (NR) Released Jul.23, 2013
Ginger & Rosa Ginger & Rosa  (PG-13) Released Jul.23, 2013