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Beauty and the Beast

The story and characters you love come to life in the live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.


Fast & Furious 6 Fast & Furious 6  (PG-13) Released Mar.28, 2017
A Monster Calls A Monster Calls  (PG-13) Released Mar.28, 2017
A Kind of Murder A Kind of Murder  (R) Released Mar.21, 2017
Lion Lion  (PG-13) Released Mar.21, 2017
Collateral Beauty Collateral Beauty  (PG-13) Released Mar.14, 2017
Moana Moana  (PG) Released Mar.07, 2017
Incarnate Incarnate  (PG-13) Released Mar.07, 2017
Cold War 2 Cold War 2  (NR) Released Mar.07, 2017
Shut In Shut In  (PG-13) Released Feb.28, 2017
Doctor Strange Doctor Strange  (PG-13) Released Feb.28, 2017
Moonlight Moonlight  (R) Released Feb.28, 2017
Trolls Trolls  (PG) Released Feb.28, 2017

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