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Spaced Crusaders

Guardians of the Galaxy

Arguably the year's biggest surprise success, this hugely entertaining introduction to characters not seen in other Marvel movies has a motley band of one-liner-spouting oddballs tasked with saving civilization from a genocidal maniac.

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Griff the Invisible Griff the Invisible  (PG-13) Released Nov.15, 2011
Sleep Furiously Sleep Furiously  (NR) Released Nov.15, 2011
Turtle: The Incredible Journey Turtle: The Incredible Journey  (G) Released Nov.15, 2011
Flypaper Flypaper  (NR) Released Nov.15, 2011
Beginners Beginners  (R) Released Nov.15, 2011
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2  (PG-13) Released Nov.11, 2011
Atlas Shrugged Part I Atlas Shrugged Part I  (PG-13) Released Nov.08, 2011
13 13  (R) Released Nov.08, 2011
Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty   Released Nov.08, 2011
Great Directors Great Directors  (NR) Released Nov.08, 2011
Life in a Day Life in a Day  (PG-13) Released Nov.08, 2011
Water for Elephants Water for Elephants  (PG-13) Released Nov.01, 2011