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Pole Position

The Walk

This dramatized version of the true story of Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who wire-walked between the Twin Towers with no safety net in 1974, at first seems unnecessary. But terrific performances and great storytelling do the tale justice.


Avengers: Age of Ultron Avengers: Age of Ultron  (PG-13) Released Oct.02, 2015
Rio 2 Rio 2  (G) Released Oct.01, 2015
12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave  (R) Released Oct.01, 2015
Carrie Carrie  (R) Released Oct.01, 2015
Poltergeist Poltergeist  (PG-13) Released Sep.29, 2015
Entourage Entourage  (R) Released Sep.29, 2015
Unexpected Unexpected  (R) Released Sep.29, 2015
Results Results  (R) Released Sep.22, 2015
Cinderella Cinderella  (PG) Released Sep.15, 2015
Skyfall Skyfall  (PG-13) Released Sep.15, 2015
Furious 7 Furious 7  (PG-13) Released Sep.15, 2015
Heaven Knows What Heaven Knows What  (R) Released Sep.15, 2015