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The Towering Inferno DVD

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  • Towering Inferno
    • Release date: April 15, 2003
    • Format: Dvd
    • Language: Eng
    • Subtitles: Eng/Spa
    • Number of discs: 1
    • Run Time: 2 hr. 45 min.
    • Special Features: Original theatrical trailer
  • Towering Inferno [Special Edition] [2 Discs]
    • Release date: May 9, 2006
    • Format: Dvd
    • Language: Eng
    • Subtitles: Eng/Spa
    • Number of discs: 2
    • Run Time: 2 hr. 44 min.
    • Special Features: ccAll-new audio commentary by film historian F.X. Feeney
      All-new scene-specific commentary by Mike Vezina, special effects director on X-Men 3, and Branko Racki, stunt coordinator on The Day After Tomorrow
      Nine all-new featurettes: "Inside the Tower: We Remember," "Innovating Tower: The SPFX of an Inferno," "The Art of Towering," "Irwin Allen: The Great Producer," "Directing the Inferno," "Putting Out Fire," "Running on Fire," "Still the World's Tallest Building," "The Heart of Disaster: Stirling Silliphant"
      Over 30 extended/deleted scenes
      AMC Backstory: The Towering Inferno
      NATO presentation reel
      Three interactive articles from American Cinematographer
      Original making-of featurettes
      1977 Irwin Allen interview
      Still photo galleries (shot compositions, publicity, behind the scenes, conceptual sketches, costumes)
      Original teaser, trailer, and more
  • Towering Inferno [Blu-ray]
    • Release date: July 14, 2009
    • Format: BluRay
    • Language: Eng/Spa
    • Subtitles: Fre/Spa
    • Number of discs: 1
    • Run Time: 2 hr. 45 min.
    • Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Historian F.X. Feeney

      Scene-Specific Commentary by Mike Vézina, Special Effects Director on X-Men: The Last Stand, And Branko Racki, Stunt Coordinator: Montreal On The Day After Tomorrow
      Over 30 Extended/Deleted Scenes

      Inside The Tower: We Remember/Innovating Tower: The SPX of An Inferno
      The Art of Towering
      Irwin Allen: The Great Producer
      Directing The Inferno
      Putting Out Fire
      Running On Fire
      Still The World's Tallest Building
      The Writer: Stirling Silliphant

      AMC Backstory: The Towering Inferno
      Storyboard-To-Film Comparisons
      NATO Presentation Reel
      Original "Making-Of" Featurettes

      1977 Irwin Allen Interview
      Original Teaser, Trailer and The Poseidon Adventure Trailer
      3 Interactive Articles From American Cinematographer
      Still Galleries
      (Shot Compositions, Publicity, Behind-The-Scenes, Conceptual Sketches, Costumes)

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