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Mad Max: Fury Road

One of this summer's, if not this year's, most exciting and action-loaded reboots is now out on DVD, BD and 3D-BD in all its blazing glory.

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Good Kill Good Kill  (R) Released Sep.01, 2015
Skin Trade Skin Trade  (R) Released Aug.25, 2015
Lila and Eve Lila and Eve  (R) Released Aug.25, 2015
October Gale October Gale   Released Aug.25, 2015
The Riot Club The Riot Club  (R) Released Aug.18, 2015
Unfriended Unfriended  (R) Released Aug.11, 2015
Child 44 Child 44  (R) Released Aug.11, 2015
True Story True Story  (R) Released Aug.04, 2015
Phantom Halo Phantom Halo  (R) Released Aug.04, 2015
Ex Machina Ex Machina  (R) Released Jul.14, 2015
It Follows It Follows  (R) Released Jul.14, 2015
Kill Me Three Times Kill Me Three Times  (R) Released Jul.07, 2015