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What Could Go Wrong

Ride Along

See Kevin Hart get a crash course in being a cop from his future brother-in-law, Ice Cube.

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The Suspect The Suspect  (R) Released Apr.22, 2014
Big Bad Wolves Big Bad Wolves  (NR) Released Apr.22, 2014
Inception Inception  (PG-13) Released Apr.15, 2014
2 Guns 2 Guns  (R) Released Apr.15, 2014
In the Name Of In the Name Of  (NR) Released Apr.15, 2014
Nurse Nurse  (R) Released Apr.08, 2014
Let the Fire Burn Let the Fire Burn  (NR) Released Mar.25, 2014
Odd Thomas Odd Thomas   Released Mar.25, 2014
Reasonable Doubt Reasonable Doubt  (R) Released Mar.18, 2014
Contracted Contracted  (NR) Released Mar.18, 2014
Kill Your Darlings Kill Your Darlings  (R) Released Mar.18, 2014
In Fear In Fear  (R) Released Mar.11, 2014

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