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Beauty and the Beast

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, rediscover one of the most cherished animated films of all time.


Money Monster Money Monster  (R) Released Sep.06, 2016
Nina Nina  (NR) Released Sep.06, 2016
Love & Friendship Love & Friendship  (PG) Released Sep.06, 2016
Me Before You Me Before You  (PG-13) Released Sep.06, 2016
The Nice Guys The Nice Guys  (R) Released Aug.23, 2016
Clown Clown  (R) Released Aug.23, 2016
A Hologram for the King A Hologram for the King  (R) Released Aug.09, 2016
Minions Minions  (PG) Released Aug.08, 2016
Black Mass Black Mass  (R) Released Aug.08, 2016
Between Us Between Us  (R) Released Aug.08, 2016
Mother's Day Mother's Day  (PG-13) Released Aug.02, 2016
Keanu Keanu  (R) Released Aug.02, 2016