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Doctor Strange

After a car accident ends his career, Dr. Stephen Strange finds help through the powers of the mysterious Ancient One in India -- and learns mystical powers that can help save the world.


Doctor Strange Doctor Strange  (PG-13) Available Tuesday
Shut In Shut In  (PG-13) Available Tuesday
Moonlight Moonlight  (R) Available Tuesday
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth  (G) Available Tuesday
The Gate The Gate  (PG-13) Available Tuesday
Deadtime Stories Deadtime Stories  (R) Available Tuesday
Hacksaw Ridge Hacksaw Ridge  (R) Released Feb.21, 2017
Allied Allied  (R) Released Feb.21, 2017
Bad Santa 2 Bad Santa 2  (R) Released Feb.21, 2017
Manchester by the Sea Manchester by the Sea  (R) Released Feb.21, 2017
Elle Elle  (R) Released Feb.21, 2017
Evelyn Evelyn  (PG) Released Feb.21, 2017