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Finding Dory

In this sequel to 'Finding Nemo,' forgetful fish Dory sets out on an ocean-wide hunt for her parents. With some help from friends old and new, can she find what she’s looking for?


The Quiet Earth The Quiet Earth  (R) Available Tuesday
Luna Luna  (R) Available Tuesday
Phantasm Phantasm  (R) Available Tuesday
Pulse Pulse  (R) Available Tuesday
Cheers for Miss Bishop Cheers for Miss Bishop   Available Tuesday
Don't Breathe Don't Breathe  (R) Released Nov.29, 2016
The Man from Deep River The Man from Deep River  (R) Released Nov.29, 2016
Death Machines Death Machines  (R) Released Nov.29, 2016
Driller Killer Driller Killer  (R) Released Nov.29, 2016
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers  (R) Released Nov.29, 2016
War Dogs War Dogs  (R) Released Nov.22, 2016
Mechanic: Resurrection Mechanic: Resurrection  (R) Released Nov.22, 2016