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Bond, James Bond


Sure, it relied heavily on older Bond tropes and spectacle, but is that necessarily a bad thing? The Day of the Dead opener is incredible, and Daniel Craig's Bond keeps in classy. 


Hotel Transylvania 2 Hotel Transylvania 2  (PG) Released Jan.12, 2016
Minions Minions  (PG) Released Dec.08, 2015
Inside Out Inside Out  (PG) Released Nov.03, 2015
Epic Epic  (PG) Released Oct.18, 2015
Mr. Peabody & Sherman Mr. Peabody & Sherman  (PG) Released Oct.18, 2015
When Marnie Was There When Marnie Was There  (PG) Released Oct.06, 2015
Rio 2 Rio 2  (G) Released Oct.01, 2015
The Nut Job The Nut Job  (PG) Released Sep.08, 2015
Despicable Me 2 Despicable Me 2  (PG) Released May.12, 2015
Paddington Paddington  (PG) Released Apr.28, 2015
Penguins of Madagascar Penguins of Madagascar  (PG) Released Mar.17, 2015
The Book of Life The Book of Life  (PG) Released Jan.27, 2015