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Dugun - Die Heirat Details


As it has always been, today Turkey is a gateway to the Near East for Europeans and a gateway to Europe for Near Easterners. Citizens of Turkey sometimes find this dual role somewhat confusing. This is especially true if, like Metin, you have spent quite a few years in Germany, earning the money for a better life. When he hears that his mother is dying, he returns to his East Anatolian village after a ten-year absence and is surprised and (at first) relieved to see that she is in riotous good health. She's dying all right -- dying to see him married to the village girl he was betrothed to as a young boy. Metin is aghast, because the preparations are already underway and he will be killed by his own relatives if he fails to keep their pledge of marriage. He already has a girlfriend and fiancee back in Germany and barely knows the local woman, Aygul, who will become a social outcast if she doesn't get to marry Metin. She's already being called an "old maid." While this label may sound funny or cute to Westerners, it can ruin a woman's life if she happens to live in the tradition-laden hills of rural Turkey. What's worse, even if Aygul was prepared to let the whole thing drop, her mother is not. While the two principals are suffering attacks of dread and remorse, the villagers are enjoying a rare occasion for unbridled merriment. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Oguz Tunc
as Metin
Halil Ergun
as Ihsan
Gulsen Tuncer
as Mother


Martin Gressmann
Nizamettin Ariç
Composer (Music Score)
Doreen Heins
Sadik Deveci
Production Manager