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Four men are changed forever by an act of mercy -- changes which have a profound impact many years later -- in this blend of horror and science fiction based on a novel by [[Performer~P97473~Stephen King~stephenking]]. Jonesy ([[Performer~P301677~Damian Lewis~damianlewis]]), Henry ([[Performer~P223237~Thomas Jane~thomasjane]]), Pete ([[Performer~P232835~Timothy Olyphant~timothyolyphant]]), and Beaver ([[Performer~P215686~Jason Lee~jasonlee]]) were four friends who, as schoolboys, rescued a boy with Down's Syndrome, Duddits ([[Performer~P216357~Donnie Wahlberg~donniewahlberg]]), from a savage beating at the hands of bullies. Their experience with Duddits left the boys profoundly changed, as they discovered they had developed psychic powers which allowed them to wordlessly communicate with one another, read the minds of others, and see events in the future. The four remained close friends into adulthood, and meet every year for a weekend get-together at a remote hunting lodge. However, one year Jonsey is approached by the spirit of Duddits, which leads him into a severe auto accident, though his wounds heal with mysterious speed and are gone by the time he and the guys get together a few months later. As the guys drink and swap stories, a desperately ill hunter makes his way into the cabin, whose body has become the host for a horrible wormlike creature, which breaks free and soon goes on a killing spree, leaving only Henry alive. In the wake of this attack comes a massive snowstorm, and Henry learns that these events are the first signs of a major attack by a powerful alien force which can assume any form it wishes. As duplicitous military leader Col. Abraham Curtis ([[Performer~P90514~Morgan Freeman~morganfreeman]]) comes in to quell the menace, Henry finds himself in communication with the late Jonsey, whose previous near-death experience gives him an unexpected advantage in stemming the alien tide. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:March 21, 2003


Morgan Freeman
as Colonel Abraham Curtis
Thomas Jane
as Dr. Henry Devlin
Jason Lee
as Beaver
Damian Lewis
as Jonesy
Timothy Olyphant
as Pete
Tom Sizemore
as Owen Underhill
Donnie Wahlberg
as Duddits
Giacomo Baessato
as Young Jonesy
Michael Daingerfield
as Conklin
Dion Johnstone
as EMT #2
Michael O'Neill
as Gen. Matheson
John Moore
as Bad Driver
C. Ernst Harth
as Barry Neiman
Ingrid Kavelaars
as Trish
Susan Charest
as Becky
John Hombach
as Detainee #6
Jon Kasdan
as Defuniak
Carolyn Tweedle
as Woman in Crowd
Eric Keenleyside
as Rick McCarthy
Daniel Merali
as Apache Crewman #3
Trenna Frandsen
as Detainee #3
John Gagne
as Detainee #4
Reece Daniel Thompson
as Young Beaver
Christopher Ang
as Apache Crewman #1
Darrin Klimek
as Maples
Mikey Holekamp
as Young Henry
Jack Crowston
as Detainee #2
Rosemary Dunsmore
as Roberta Cavell
Joel Palmer
as Young Pete
Campbell Lane
as Old Man Gosselin
Colin Lawrence
as Edwards
Andrew Robb
as Young Duddits
Malik McCall
as Platoon Leader
Jordan Walker
as Helicopter Sentry
Shauna Kain
as Josie Rinkenhauer
Ty Olsson
as Army Truck Driver
Cheralynn Bailey
as Rachel
Kat Kosiancic
as Detainee #7
Kevan Ohtsji
as Tracking Technician
Sue Hartley
as Detainee #5


Lawrence Kasdan
Lawrence Kasdan
Charles Okun
William Goldman
Stephen King
Book Author
Lawrence Kasdan
John Seale
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
Raul Davalos
Carol Littleton
Jon Hutman
Production Designer
Kendelle Elliott
Art Director
Jon Hutman
Stephen P. Dunn
Bruce Berman
Executive Producer
Molly Maginnis
Costume Designer
Stephen P. Dunn
First Assistant Director
Misha Bukowski
Second Unit Director
David Footman
Second Unit Director
Darren Robson
Second Unit Director

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