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Dream Wife Details


Clemson Reade (Cary Grant) is the kind of man who wants to marry an old-fashioned girl, one who will stay home and take care of her husband. However, he's fallen in love with Priscilla "Effie" Effington (Deborah Kerr), who has an exciting career with the State Department that she has no intention of giving up. Clemson has the poor timing of proposing marriage to Effie just as she's in the middle of trying to resolve a major political crisis with the Middle Eastern nation of Bukistan; the United States wants to stay on Bukistan's good side, thanks to their plentiful reserves of oil. Tired of waiting for Effie, Clemson decides that he needs to find a potential bride who will follow his lead instead of her own, and he soon meets Princess Tarji (Betta Saint John), daughter of the King of Bukistan, who has spent her life learning to faithfully serve her man. Clemson half-seriously sends a telegram proposing marriage to Tarji, which touches off a political tempest in a teapot when Tarji responds by visiting the United States. The State Department decides that someone should look after Tarji while she's in America, and who should be given the assignment but Effie; to Clemson's chagrin, Effie uses her time with Tarji to enlighten her about the more liberated status of women in the West. By the way, don't bother looking for Bukistan in your atlas, the country doesn't really exist. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Herschel McCoy Best Black and White Costume Design 1953 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Helen Rose Best Black and White Costume Design 1953 Nominee


Cary Grant
as Clemson Reade
Deborah Kerr
as Priscilla "Effie" Effington
Walter Pidgeon
as Walter McBride
Betta St. John
as Tarji
Eduard Franz
as Khan
Buddy Baer
as Vizier
Don Randolph
as Ali
Bruce Bennett
as Charlie Elkwood
Richard Anderson
as Henry Malvine
Gloria Holden
as Mrs. Landwell
June Clayworth
as Mrs. Elkwood
Dean Miller
as George
Steve Forrest
as Louis
Jonathan Cott
as Marine
Patricia Tiernan
as Pat
Kay Riehl
as Woman
Forbes Murray
John Alvin
Jack Chefe
as Captain
Beryl McCutcheon
Alphonse Martell
as Headwaiter
Dick Rich
as Delivery Man
Harry Stanton
Hassan Khayyam
as Bukistanian Priest
Jim Cronin
Dorothy Kennedy
Edward Cassidy
as Customs Official
Bernie Gozier
Gayne Whitman
as Men at Airport
Gordon Richards
as Sir Cecil
Virginia Mullen
as Annie
Gail Bonney
as "Mommy"
Lillian Culver
as Woman at Airport
Donald Dillaway
Vernon Rich
as McBride's Assistant
Marjorie Liszt
as Woman Cab Driver
Jimmy Moss
as Small Boy
William Hamel
as Reporter
Perry Sheehan
as Evelyn the Receptionist
Jack George
as Clarence
Les Tremayne
as Ken Landwell
Kathleen Freeman
as Chambermaid
Dabbs Greer
as Elevator Boy
Charles Sullivan
as Truck Driver
Jean Andren
as Bit
Steve Carruthers
William Vedder
as Old Man
Faire Binney
as Mrs. Parker
Aram Katcher
as Bukistanian/Messenger
Rudy Rama
as Servant
Robert Nichols
as Elevator Boy
Bert Moorhouse
as Attlow
Allen O'Locklin
as Clerk


Sidney Sheldon
Dore Schary
Sidney Sheldon
Milton Krasner
Conrad Salinger
Composer (Music Score)
Charles Wolcott
Jamshid Sheibani
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Edwin B. Willis
Set Designer
Herschel McCoy
Costume Designer
Helen Rose
Costume Designer
Douglas Shearer
Sound/Sound Designer
Warren Newcombe
Special Effects
Arnold A. Gillespie
Special Effects
William J. Tuttle