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Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight Details


In this animated film based on the popular series of fantasy books, six friends - a dwarf, a warrior, a half-elf, a mage, a knight and a kinder - have come together once again after spending five years searching for proof that the gods do in fact exist. Sadly, they reunite amidst rumors of a growing evil and an impending war - but now, with horror and chaos looming on the horizon, the goal of their searches may finally be within their grasp in the form of mysterious warrior princess bearing a crystal blue staff. A threat like none of them have seen is poised to overtake their homeland, but if these heroes can stand against it, they will become legends. ~ Cammila Collar, Rovi


Michael Rosenbaum
as Tanis Half-Elven
Kiefer Sutherland
as Raistlin Majere
Lucy Lawless
as Goldmoon
Fred Tatasciore
as Flint Fireforge/Fewmaster Toede
Rino Romano
as Caramon Majere
Jason Marsden
as Tasslehoff Burrfoot
Michelle Trachtenberg
as Tika Waylan
Marc Worden
as Sturm Brightblade
Mari Weiss
as The Forestmaster
Nika Futterman
as Takhisis
Phil LaMarr
as Riverwind/Gilthanas
Dee Bradley Baker
as Pyros
Susan Silo
as Flamestrike
Caroline Gelabert
as Laurana
Juliette Cohen
as Onyx
Jentler Phoenix
as Bupu
Neil Ross
as Fizban


Will Meugniot
Steven Stabler
George Strayton
Karl Preusser
Composer (Music Score)
Hari Varma
Christian Arnold-Beutel
Executive Producer
Boyd Kirkland
Animation Producer
Barr Potter
Co-Executive Producer
Cindi Rice
Co-Executive Producer

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