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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Details


Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman headline this screen version of Robert Louis Stevenson's tale, directed by Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz legend Victor Fleming. Tracy stars as Dr. Jekyll, a scientist who downs an experimental elixir that transforms him into a monstrous alter-ego, Mr. Hyde. Lana Turner co-stars as Jekyll's fiancée, and Bergman as Eva, the woman who captures his heart. A film steeped in heavy Freudian symbolism, this production also tries something unusual by relying largely on Tracy's shift in facial mannerisms (in lieu of heavy make-up) to convey the personality change. As a result, the movie manages to place a much stronger emphasis on emotions than on the terror of physical mutation. Neither critics nor audiences bought it: the film fell prey to critical castigation when it hit movie screens in mid-August 1941, with many indicating that they vastly prefer the 1931 Rouben Mamoulian/Fredric March version. Still, this one has its defenders. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

  • Release date:August 12, 1941


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Harold Kress Best Editing 1941 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Franz Waxman Best Dramatic Score 1941 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Joseph Ruttenberg Best Black and White Cinematography 1941 Nominee


Spencer Tracy
as Dr. Harry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Ingrid Bergman
as Ivy Peterson
Lana Turner
as Beatrix Emery
Ian Hunter
as Dr. John Lanyon
Barton MacLane
as Sam Higgins
Donald Crisp
as Sir Charles Emery
C. Aubrey Smith
as The Bishop
Peter Godfrey
as Poole
Sara Allgood
as Mrs. Higgins
Frederic Worlock
as Dr. Heath
William Tannen
as Intern Fenwick
Denis Green
as Freddie
Billy Bevan
as Dr. Weller
Forrester Harvey
as Old Prouty
Lumsden Hare
as Col. Weymouth
Lawrence Grant
as Dr. Courtland
Mary Field
as Wife
Gwen Gaze
as Mrs. French
Doris Lloyd
as Mrs. Marley
Aubrey Mather
as Inspector
Hillary Brooke
as Mrs. Arnold
Gwen Gaze
as Mrs. French
Aubrey Mather
as Inspector
Doris Lloyd
as Mrs. Marley
Mary Field
as Wife


Victor Fleming
Victor Fleming
Victor Saville
John Lee Mahin
Joseph Ruttenberg
Franz Waxman
Composer (Music Score)
Daniele Amfitheatrof
Composer (Music Score)
Harold Kress
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Edwin B. Willis
Set Designer
Gile Steele
Costume Designer
Costume Designer
Peter Ballbusch
Special Effects
Warren Newcombe
Special Effects
Ernst Matray
Jack Dawn