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Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Details


Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of a man whose scientific meddling has unexpected results gets a cross-gender update in this comedy. Richard Jacks (Tim Daly) is a research scientist trying to work his way up the ladder at a major perfume company when he inherits the notebooks of his great-grandfather, Dr. Henry Jekyll. Fascinated by Jekyll's ideas about the duality of man, Jacks starts performing experiments to refine his potion that would isolate man's good and evil natures. However, Richard's version has a very different result than the old Jekyll formula, instead of turning him into a snarling beast, the drug transforms him into Helen Hyde (Sean Young), a beautiful and powerfully sexy woman with a slight case of nymphomania. Jacks figures that a good looking woman willing to sleep with nearly anyone should have no trouble rising to a position of power within the company, so his alter-ego Helen may be his ticket to a room at the top. But this plan may require a bit of explaining to Jacks' girlfriend, Sarah (Lysette Anthony). The supporting cast includes Polly Bergen, Jeremy Piven, and Harvey Fierstein, who is so awestruck by Helen Hyde's allure that he's rendered heterosexual by the experience. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:September 1, 1995


Sean Young
as Helen Hyde
Tim Daly
as Dr. Richard Jacks
Lysette Anthony
as Sarah Carver
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Oliver Mintz
Harvey Fierstein
as Yves DuBois
Polly Bergen
as Mrs. Unterveldt
Julie Cobb
as DuBois' Psychiatrist
Jeremy Piven
as Pete Walston
Robert Wuhl
as Man With Lighter
Kim Morgan Greene
as Paparazzi Lady/Party Lady
Victor Knight
as Bill
Michael Rudder
as Nose
Sheena Larkin
as Mrs. Mintz
Susan Trustman
as Cocktail Party Woman
Aron Tager
as Lawyer
Stephen Shellen
as Larry
Herb Goldstein
as Nose
Mark Camacho
as Waiter
Jane Connell
as Aunt Agatha
John Franklyn-Robbins
as Professor Manning
Mike Hodge
as Eagleton


Jerry Leider
John Morrissey
William Davies
William Osborne
Tom Priestley Jr.
Patrick Rousseau
Musical Direction/Supervision
Tony Lombardo
Gregory Melton
Production Designer
Guy Lalande
Art Director
Ginette Robitaille
Set Designer
Molly Maginnis
Costume Designer
Louis Craig
Special Effects
Pedro Gandol
First Assistant Director
Mike Fenton
Allison Cowitt
Diane Simard
Kevin Yagher
Wayne Massarelli