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Dr. Dolittle Details


Betty Thomas directed this adaptation of the classic children's stories by Hugh Lofting (1886-1947), updating the original concepts into the present day. When noted surgeon Dr. John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) swerves his car to avoid hitting a dog, he hits his head on the windshield, triggering his long-dormant gift for holding conversations with animals. Friends, associates and his wife Lisa (Kristen Wilson), all express concern, but Dr. Dolittle is happy as he takes on new animal clients. Soon Dolittle's clinic becomes a haven for talking rats, birds, and other assorted members of the animal kingdom, and Dolittle's new four-legged and furry friends, in turn, teach him a few things about being human. The effects seamlessly combine Jim Henson Creature Shop animatronics, computer graphics, and real animals, but some viewers might yearn for a return of the Great Pink Sea Snail and Lofting's other imaginative creatures. The 1967 20th Century Fox musical Dr. Dolittle starred Rex Harrison in a strange storyline that began with Dolittle escaping from a lunatic asylum and leaving the Victorian village Puddleby-by-the-Marsh, England, to search the South Seas for the Great Pink Sea Snail. Along the way, he gathered diverse Dolittle denizens and animal anomalies, including the Giant Moon Moth and the famed, two-headed Pushmi-Pullyu. The earlier film spawned the Oscar-winning popular song success, "Talk To The Animals," along with numerous now-forgotten toys, books, and collectibles. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

  • Release date:June 26, 1998


Eddie Murphy
as Dr. John Dolittle
Ossie Davis
as Archer Dolittle
Oliver Platt
as Dr. Mark Weller
Peter Boyle
as Calloway
Richard Schiff
as Dr. Gene Reiss
Kristen Wilson
as Lisa Dolittle
Jeffrey Tambor
as Dr. Fish
Kyla Pratt
as Maya Dolittle
Raven Symone
as Charisse Dolittle
Steven Gilborn
as Dr. Litvack
Norm MacDonald
as Lucky
Albert Brooks
as Jacob
Chris Rock
as Rodney
Reni Santoni
as Rat #1
John Leguizamo
as Rat #2
Julie Kavner
as Female Pigeon
Garry Shandling
as Male Pigeon
Gilbert Gottfried
as Compulsive Dog
Ellen DeGeneres


Betty Thomas
David T. Friendly
Joseph M. Singer
Larry Levin
Nat Mauldin
Russell Boyd
Pilar McCurry
Musical Direction/Supervision
Peter Teschner
Greg Papalia
Art Director
Steph Lady
Associate Producer
Jenno Topping
Executive Producer
Sue Baden-Powell
Executive Producer
K.C. Fox
Set Designer
Sharen Davis
Costume Designer
David Kirschner
Sound/Sound Designer
Richard Graves
First Assistant Director
Nancy Foy
Hugh Lofting
Short Story Author
Jon Farhat
Special Effects Supervisor