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Doug Funnie and his friends from Bluffington make the leap from TV to the big screen in the animated comedy Doug's 1st Movie, based on the long-running children's series. Doug (voiced by Thomas McHugh) is a good-natured 12-year-old who is chronically infatuated with his classmate Patti Mayonnaise (voiced by Constance Shulman). Doug's best friend Skeeter (voiced by Fred Newman) is convinced there's a monster in Bluffington's Lucky Duck Lake. Surprisingly enough, it turns out Skeeter is right -- pollutants dumped in the lake by cranky factory owner Bill Bluff (voiced by Doug Preis) have spawned a large but thankfully friendly beast Doug and Skeeter name Herman Melville. Doug and Skeeter both want to protect Herman -- Doug so he can look cool in front of Patti, and Skeeter so he can prove the damage Bluff is doing to the environment -- but that isn't so simple when Bluff sends his hired guns to track down the monster. Doug Preis creator Jim Jenkins served as co-producer for this film adaptation, which like the TV series was created by the Jumbo Pictures studios. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:December 7, 1999


Fred Newman
as Ned
Fred Newman
as Porkchop
Fred Newman
as Skeeter
Fred Newman
as Mr. Dink
Constance Shulman
as Patti Mayonnaise
Frank Welker
as Herman Melville
Doug Preis
as Mr. Funnie
Doug Preis
as Willie
Doug Preis
as Chalky
Doug Preis
as Mr. Bluff
Doug Preis
as Bluff Agent #1
Alice Playten
as Elmo
Alice Playten
as Beebe Bluff
Eddie Korbich
as Al & Moo Sleech / RoboCrusher
Doris Belack
as Mayor Tippi Dink


Maurice Joyce
Jack Spillum
Jim Jinkins
Melanie Grisanti
Ken Scarborough
Christopher K. Gee

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