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A Double Life Details


Ronald Colman won an Academy Award for his portrayal of an off-the-beam actor in A Double Life. A beloved stage star, Anthony John (Colman), has problems with his private life due to his unpredictable outbursts of temper. This trait has already cost him his wife, Brita (Signe Hasso), and threatens to sabotage his career. Nonetheless, Anthony makes his peace with Brita, and the two actors star in a new Broadway staging of Othello. The play is a hit, running over 300 performances, but the pressures of portraying a man moved to murder by jealousy takes its toll on Anthony. In a fit of delirium, he strangles his casual mistress, Pat (Shelley Winters), but retains no memory of the awful crime. Press agent Bill Friend (Edmond O'Brien), unaware that Anthony is the killer, uses Pat's murder as publicity for Othello. Anthony becomes enraged at this cheap ploy, and attacks Friend. At this point, Anthony realizes that he has been living "a double life" and is in fact Pat's murderer. A Double Life was written for the screen by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin, who occasionally digress from the melodramatic plotline to include a few backstage inside jokes. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:December 25, 1947


Awarded by
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Ronald Colman Best Actor 1947 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Ronald Colman Best Actor 1947 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Garson Kanin Best Original Screenplay 1947 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences George Cukor Best Director 1947 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Miklos Rozsa Best Score - Drama or Comedy 1947 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Ruth Gordon Best Original Screenplay 1947 Nominee


Ronald Colman
as Anthony John
Whit Bissell
as Dr. Stauffer
Signe Hasso
as Brita
Betsy Blair
as Girl in Wig Shop
David Bond
as ["othello" Sequence]
Edmond O'Brien
as Bill Friend
Harlan Briggs
as Oscar Bemard
Shelley Winters
as Pat Kroll
Ray Collins
as Victor Donlan
Claire Carleton
as Waitress
Philip Loeb
as Max Lasker
Leslie Denison
as ["othello" Sequence]
Elizabeth Dunne
as Gladys
Alan Edmiston
as Rex
Wilton Graff
as Dr. Mervin
Boyd Irwin
as Virginia Patton ["othello" Sequence]
Millard Mitchell
as Al Cooley
Elliott Reid
as [A Gentleman's Gentleman Sequence]
Thayer Roberts
as ["othello" Sequence]
Joe Sawyer
as Pete Bonner
Art Smith
as Wigmaker
Sid Tomack
as Wigmaker
Percival Vivian
as Thayer Roberts/Georgia Caine ["othello" Sequence]
Frederic Worlock
as Leslie Denison ["othello" sequence]
Hazel Keener
as Woman
Laura Brooks
as Dowager
Paddy Chayefsky
as Photographer [uncredited]
Robert Emmett Keane
as 2nd Photographer
Buddy Roosevelt
as Fingerprint Man
Russ Conway
as Reporter
Barry Macollum
as Stagehand
Elektra Rozanska
George Sherwood
as Guest
Angela Clarke
as Lucy
Katherine Marlowe
Fernanda Eliscu
as Landlady
Diane Stewart
Carl Milletaire
as Customer
Beatrice Gray
Curt Conway
as Reporter
Howard Mitchell
as Tailor
Walter McGrail
as Steve
George Douglas
John Derek
as Police Stenographer
Sarah Selby
as Anna
Albert Pollet
as Costume Designer
Charles Jordan
as Bartender
Joey Ray
as Boyer
Alexander Clark
as Barry


George Cukor
Michael Kanin
Ruth Gordon
William Shakespeare
Play Author
Garson Kanin
Milton Krasner
Miklos Rozsa
Composer (Music Score)
Robert Parrish
Harry Horner
Production Designer
Bernard Herzbrun
Art Director
John P. Austin
Set Designer
Yvonne Wood
Costume Designer
Travis Banton
Costume Designer
David S. Horsley
Special Effects
Bud Westmore