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Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead Details


[[Performer~P2003~Christina Applegate~christinaapplegate]] stars in this convoluted comedy that comes across as a teen fantasy combination of [[Feature~V22858~Home Alone~homealone]] and [[Feature~V55284~Working Girl~workinggirl]]. The premise is all in the title -- when the mother ([[Performer~P71266~Concetta Tomei~concettatomei]]) of a sniveling group of surly kids goes on a much-deserved summer vacation, she leaves her kids under the charge of an elderly distaff granny ([[Performer~P48548~Eda Reiss Merin~edareissmerin]]). When granny ups and dies, the kids load her dead body in a trunk and deposit the package on the steps of the local funeral home. The kids are ecstatic thinking that with the big wad of cash Mom has left, they can have a summer of consumer madness. But when they find out that the money has been buried with the baby-sitter, the kids have to fend for themselves to make ends meet. Dream teen Sue Ellen ([[Performer~P2003~Christina Applegate~christinaapplegate]]) tries working at a fast food restaurant but she can't stand the grease. So, she puts together a false resume and, posing as a twenty-eight-year old, she applies for a job as a receptionist at a garment manufacturing company. The company vice president, Rose ([[Performer~P11656~Joanna Cassidy~joannacassidy]]), is so impressed by her resume that she hires her on the spot as her executive assistant. Her deception looks to be working out great -- Sue Ellen manages to hold off the office lady killer Gus ([[Performer~P26636~John Getz~johngetz]]), avoids exposure by the embittered receptionist, borrows money from the company's petty cash box for household incidentals, and continues her relationship with restaurant employee Bryan ([[Performer~P12415~Josh Charles~joshcharles]]). But suddenly, the clothing firm is set to go under, and Sue Ellen must use her teen fashion sense to save the company and her job . . . and she has to get the rest of the brood involved. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:June 7, 1991


Christina Applegate
as Sue Ellen "Swell" Crandell
Joanna Cassidy
as Rose Lindsey
John Getz
as Gus Brandon
Josh Charles
as Bryan
Keith Coogan
as Kenny Crandell
Concetta Tomei
as Mrs. Crandell
David Duchovny
as Bruce
Kimmy Robertson
as Cathy
Jayne Brook
as Carolyn
Robert Hy Gorman
as Walter Crandell
Danielle Harris
as Melissa Crandell
Christopher Pettiet
as Zach Crandell
Chris Claridge
as Lizard
Jeff Bollow
as Mole
Michael Kopelow
as Hellhound
Michelle Mais
as Temp
Christopher Morley
as Marilyn
Christopher Plummer
as Howard
Alejandro Quezada
as Skull
Steve Ruggles
as Officious Clerk
Deborah Tucker
as Nicole
Carl Tramon
Brian Reilly
as Mortuary Worker
Wendy Brainard
as Jill
Frank Dent
as Mr. Egg
Robert Newmyer
as Mortuary Worker
Randy Pelish
as Delivery Man
Cathy Ladman
as Pam
Laurie Morrison
as Katrina
Bryan Clark
as Dr. Permutter
Sarah Buxton
as Tess
Richard Pagano
Sidney Lassick
as Franklin
Sharon Bialy
Logan Duncan
as Liza
E.E. Bell
as Umpire
Kristen Corbett
as Pretty Little Leaguer
Jim Holmes
as Dinner Waiter
Eda Reiss Merin
as Lil Sturak
Kawena Charlot
as Becky
Oscar Jordan
as Mailroom Clerk
Dan Castellaneta
as Animated Babysitter


Stephen Herek
Jeffrey Silver
Brian Reilly
Julia Phillips
Robert Newmyer
Neil Landau
Tara Ison
Tim Suhrstedt
David Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Larry Bock
Patricia Klawonn
Production Designer
Patricia Klawonn
Art Director
Davis Guggenheim
Associate Producer
Caroline Baron
Associate Producer
Michael Phillips
Executive Producer
Mayne Berke
Set Designer
Buddy Enright
Set Designer
Kara Lindstrom
Set Designer
Carol Ramsey
Costume Designer
Donna O'Neal
Costume Designer
Alan Splet
Sound/Sound Designer
Sharon Bialy
Richard Pagano