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Dominion: A Prequel to the Exorcist Details


In 2003, respected filmmaker and screenwriter Paul Schrader was hired to direct a prequel to the 1973 box-office smash Paul Schrader. However, when Schrader turned in his film to executives at Morgan Creek Productions, the producers felt the film was not marketable, and they opted to remake the picture with director Renny Harlin, who brought a more visually aggressive approach to the story than Schrader's more contemplative vision. In 2004, Harlin's film, Harlin, was released to middling critical and financial response, while the following year, Schrader's version went into limited release following film festival screenings. In Schrader's Exorcist: The Prequel, Father Lankester Merrin, the aging exorcist from the original story (played here by Stellan Skarsgård) is introduced in 1944, as he serves a flock in Holland during the Nazi occupation. After Nazi officers force Merrin to choose ten members of his congregation for immediate execution, Merrin is left an emotionally broken man, and he takes a leave of absence from his duties. Three years later, Merrin is taking part in an archeological project in East Africa, and he and his crew -- including priest Father Francis (Gabriel Mann), Major Granville (Julian Wadham), and Rachel Lesno (Clara Bellar) -- discover that a church from the fifth century has been buried in the desert. As Merrin and his associates discover that that a porthole to evil is located in the church, Cheche (Billy Crawford), a local boy Merrin has taken under his wing, begins showing signs of having fallen under the spell of Satanic forces. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 20, 2005


Stellan Skarsgård
as Father Lankester Merrin
Gabriel Mann
as Father Francis
Clara Bellar
as Rachel Lesno
Ralph Brown
as Sergeant-Major
Israel Adurama
as Jomo
Andrew French
as Chuma
Antonie Kamerling
as Kessel
Julian Wadham
as Major Granville
Eddie Osei
as Emekwi
Ilario Bisi-Pedro
as Sebituana


Paul Schrader
James G. Robinson
Caleb Carr
Vittorio Storaro
Trevor Rabin
Composer (Music Score)
Angelo Badalamenti
Composer (Music Score)
Tim Silano
John Graysmark
Production Designer
Andy Nicholson
Art Director
Marco Tretini
Art Director
Marco Trentini
Art Director
Wayne Morris
David C. Robinson
Executive Producer
Guy McElwaine
Executive Producer
Luke Reichle
Costume Designer
Marco Scotti
Costume Designer
Aaron Barsky
First Assistant Director
Pam Dixon
Danilo Bollettini
Special Effects Supervisor

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