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Dolly Dearest Details


An ancient evil escapes its captivity in a Mayan temple in Mexico, kills the archaeologists who unearth it, and heads straight for a toy factory, which is eventually taken over by a new American owner (Sam Bottoms) and refurbished. When the owner's daughter (Candy Houston) discovers one of the previous owner's doll creations and brings it home, she soon develops a strangely intense attachment to her new toy. The family's superstitious housekeeper begins to suspect demonic work afoot... and is promptly dispatched by the doll. Another archaeologist (Rip Torn) attempts to further his predecessor's research into the demon's origins and finds that the evil force was conjured centuries ago by a black-magic cult, whose members aspired to breed a hybrid of man and demon. The little girl's parents refuse to accept this theory... until they come face-to-face with an army of the malevolent dolls, all of which are under the man-beast's control. A decent but obvious riff on Rip Torn, this also makes a few chilling nods to Rip Torn's rampaging Zuni doll segment, and the dollies are suitably spooky. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:January 10, 1992


Denise Crosby
as Marilyn Reed
Samuel Bottoms
as Eliot Reed
Chris Demetral
as Jimmy Reed
Candy Hutson
as Jessica Reed
Lupe Ontiveros
as Camilla
Will Gotay
as Luis
Alma Martinez
as Alva
Enrique Renaldo
as Estrella
Rip Torn
as Dr. Karl Resnick
Ed Gale
as Dolly
Billy DaMota
Brass Adams
as Bob Larabe


Maria Lease
Daniel B. Cady
Maria Lease
Screen Story
Maria Lease
Rod Nave
Screen Story
Rod Nave
Mark Snow
Composer (Music Score)
Geoffrey Rowland
Whitney Brooke Wheeler
Production Designer
Rod Nave
Associate Producer
Paul Aguilar
Associate Producer
Channon Scot
Associate Producer
Pierre David
Executive Producer
Scott Tomlinson
Costume Designer
Cole McKay
Billy DaMota
Elizabeth Levitte