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Dog Lover's Symphony Details


When a troubled young man taken in by a sympathetic defense attorney befriends an abandoned dog named Toby, the effect that one simple canine has on the lives of three kindly strangers proves just how far man's best friend is willing to go to help the ones he loves. Jerry's (Jesse Berns) past may be checkered, but he's a kind soul at heart, and perceptive attorney Tom (Maxwell Caulfield) can see what many others cannot in the quiet loner. Though his concerted efforts to find gainful employment for Jerry at first stall out due to the stubborn boy's inability to take some initiative, Tom finds Jerry's cloudy outlook clearing after a trip to the dog-training school at which Tom's beautiful daughter, Susan (Alaina Kalanj), teaches unruly pups how to behave. It seems that Susan's latest student, a friendly dog named Toby, whose previous owners disappeared, has taken quite a liking to Jerry, and that the trainer herself may see something in the shy newcomer as well. Now, as Susan works with Jerry to teach him the finer points of dog training, the former introvert slowly begins to emerge from his shell to discover that love can come when you least expect it, and loyalty is a trait to be valued for life. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:June 16, 2006


Ted Fukuda
Ted Fukuda
Bob Joyce