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Disappearing in America Details


The title represents much more of an unfulfilled desire than an actualization: for IRA accomplice Sean (David Polcyn) - who participated in a bombing that went grossly awry - nothing could be more perfect than "losing himself" in America. It represents a chance to bury the messiness of what transpired and lose his criminal history. But that may be easier said than done. As the tale opens, three men help smuggle Sean into the United States, bringing him into Oakland, California one fog-bound morning. Horrifyingly, he soon realizes that his "deliverers" are in fact subjugators: one intends to use him as a pawn in stateside drug operations. Sean thus begins to comb his situation for a means of escape, but it gradually dawns on him that this may be close to impossible. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi


Antoinette Peskoff
Erik Heiberg
Devin Digonno
Chris Fudurich
Composer (Music Score)
Chris Fudurich
Musical Direction/Supervision

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