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Die Hard 2 Details


"Another basement, another can the same thing happen to the same guy twice?" asks John McClane (Bruce Willis), in what is doubtless the key question of this film. A year after foiling the terrorist takeover of a high-rise office building in the first movie, McClane is waiting to pick up his wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), at Dulles International Airport just outside Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve. Scheduled to arrive the same evening is Ramon Esperanza (Franco Nero), a South American political figure who is being brought to the United States to stand trial for his role in a drug-smuggling ring. However, a group of terrorists, led by renegade American military officer Col. Stuart (William Sadler), take control of the airport, scuttling radio transmissions and placing their own men in the control tower. Stuart and his men ensure that Esperanza's plane lands safely, and then demand that Stuart and his men be given a fully-fueled 747 and free passage wherever they choose to go. Otherwise, they will guide the many circling jets waiting for landing instructions into definite crash landings, killing the many passengers on board. Not willing to stand aside as terrorists once again threaten his wife's life, the wise-cracking McClane once again leaps into action to foil Stuart's plans and bring the passenger jets safely to the ground. William Atherton, John Amos, Dennis Franz, and John Leguizamo highlight the supporting cast. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:July 4, 1990


Bruce Willis
as John McClane
Bonnie Bedelia
as Holly McClane
Bill Sadler
as Col. Stuart
William Atherton
as Dick Thornberg
Franco Nero
as Gen. Ramon Esperanza
Dennis Franz
as Carmine Lorenzo
John Amos
as Capt. Grant
Reginald VelJohnson
as Sgt. Al Powell
Art Evans
as Barnes
Fred Dalton Thompson
as Trudeau
Tom Bower
as Marvin
Sheila McCarthy
as Samantha Copeland
Don Harvey
as Garber
Tony Ganios
as Baker, Terrorist
Robert Patrick
as O'Reilly, Terrorist
Michael Cunningham
as Sheldon, Terrorist
John Leguizamo
as Burke, Terrorist
Tom Verica
as Kahn, Terrorist
John Costelloe
as Cochrane, Terrorist
Michael Francis Clarke
as Northeast Plane Pilot
Steve Pershing
as Northeast Plane Copilot
Tom Everett
as Northeast Plane Navigator
Sherry Bilsing
as Northeast Plane Stewardess
Carla Tamburrelli
as Northeast Plane Stewardess
Jeanne Bates
as Older Woman
Colm Meaney
as Windsor Plane Pilot
Steffan Gregory Foster
as Windsor Plane Copilot
James Lancaster
as Windsor Plane Navigator
Martin Lowery
as Engineer
Vance Valencia
as Foreign Military Plane Pilot
Connie Lillo-Thieman
as Information Booth Girl
Richard Domeier
as TV Cameraman
Dwayne Hargray
as Luggage Worker
John Rubinow
as TV Producer
Paul Abascal
as TV Director
Robert Lipton
as Chopper Pilot
Thomas Tofel
as Engineer
Ben Lemon
as Sergeant
Edward Gero
as Engineer
Danny Weselis
as Blue Light Team Member
Mark Boone, Jr.
as Shockley, Terrorist
Ken Baldwin
as Mulkey, Terrorist
Anthony Droz
as Soldier
David Katz
as TV Soundman
Wynn Irwin
as Engineer
Robert Steinberg
as Victor
Dale Jacoby
as Blue Light Team Member
Jim Hudson
as Engineer
Felicity Waterman
as Windsor Plane Stewardess
Robert Costanzo
as Vito Lorenzo
Jeff Langton
as Blue Light Team Member
Dominique Jennings
as TV Newscaster
Paul Bollen
as Airport Cop
Rande Scott
as Engineer
John Cade
as Lobby Cop
Alan Berger
as Windsor Plane Passenger
Jackie Burch
Ed de Fusco
as Morgue Worker
Bill Smille
as Custodian
Lauren Letherer
as Rent-A-Car Girl
Julian Reyes
as Young Corporal
Stafford Morgan
as Engineer
Vondie Curtis-Hall
as Miller, Terrorist
Tom Finnegan
as Engineer
Danial Donai
as Blue Light Team Member
Ken Smolka
as Engineer
Robert Sacchi
as Engineer
Vincent Joseph Mazzella, Jr.
as Blue Light Team Member
Jason Ross-Azikiwe
as Second Sergeant
Nick Angotti
as Engineer
Amanda Hillwood
as Windsor Plane Stewardess
Charles Lanyer
as Justice Man
Carol Barbee
as TV Newscaster
Bob Braun
as TV Newscaster
Dick McGarvin
as Engineer
Earl Bullock
as Engineer


Renny Harlin
Charles Gordon
James Herbert
Lawrence Gordon
Walter Wager
Book Author
Doug Richardson
Steven E. de Souza
Oliver Wood
Jean Sibelius
Featured Music
Michael Kamen
Musical Direction/Supervision
Michael Kamen
Composer (Music Score)
Tim Cooney
Musical Direction/Supervision
Stuart Baird
Robert A. Ferretti
John Vallone
Production Designer
Joel Silver
Steve Perry
Suzanne Todd
Associate Producer
Michael Levy
Executive Producer
Lloyd Levin
Executive Producer
Paul McKenzie
Set Designer
Carol Bentley
Set Designer
Sally Thornton
Set Designer
Marilyn Vance
Costume Designer
Robert Gould
Set Decorator
Bari Dreiband-Burman
Special Effects
Thomas R. Burman
Special Effects
Charlie Picerni
Peter Antico
Robert "Bobby Z" Zajonc
Scott Eddo
Charlie Picerni
Stunts Coordinator