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Die, Monster, Die! Details


Also known as Monster of Terror, this British-made horror opus is very loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft's story "The Colour Out of Space". The story begins with an American scientist (Nick Adams) paying a visit to the remote estate of his fiancee's family (located in Lovecraft's fictional Arkham County, Massachusetts) and finding many of the surrounding flora and fauna horribly mutated by strange radiation. The source of the contamination is discovered to be a glowing meteorite kept hidden in the basement by his girlfriend's father (Boris Karloff), who has been using the radiation to mutate local plant life. As one might expect, the experiment has gotten a bit out of hand... and poor mommy has changed into something unspeakably horrible. Designed as a vehicle for Karloff (who is excellent), this is a decent freshman effort from director Daniel Haller (formerly Roger Corman's production designer), but the effectively creepy atmosphere would have been greatly assisted by a better script -- perhaps one more loyal to the source material. The same story was adapted (again, loosely) in 1987 for Roger Corman. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Boris Karloff
as Nahum Witley
Nick Adams
as Stephen Reinhart
Freda Jackson
as Letitia Witley
Suzanne Farmer
as Susan Witley
Paul Farrell
as Jason
George Moon
as Cab Driver
Gretchen Franklin
as Miss Bailey
Sydney Bromley
as Pierce
Billy Milton
as Henry
Leslie Dwyer
as Potter
Patrick Magee
as Dr. Henderson
Harold Goodwin
Sheila Raynor
Patrick Magee
as Dr. Henderson
Leslie Dwyer
as Potter


Jerry Sohl
Philip Martell
Musical Direction/Supervision
Don Banks
Composer (Music Score)
Alfred Cox
James H. Nicholson
Executive Producer
Samuel Z. Arkoff
Executive Producer
Ernie Sullivan
Special Effects
Wally Veevers
Special Effects
H.P. Lovecraft
Short Story Author