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Diary of a Chambermaid Details


The second screen version of [[Performer~P318561~Octave Mirbeau~octavemirbeau]]'s novel (originally filmed in 1946 by [[Performer~P107981~Jean Renoir~jeanrenoir]]), Diary of a Chambermaid charts the ambitions of Celestine ([[Performer~P103455~Jeanne Moreau~jeannemoreau]]), a woman who comes to work in the 1930s for a Normandy estate occupied by Monsieur Rabour ([[Performer~P54558~Jean Ozenne~jeanozenne]]), his daughter ([[Performer~P43685~Francoise Lugagne~francoiselugagne]]), and the daughter's husband, Monsieur Montiel ([[Performer~P56669~Michel Piccoli~michelpiccoli]]). Celestine quickly learns that M. Rabour is a more or less harmless boot fetishist, his daughter a frigid woman more concerned with the family furnishings than in returning the affections of her husband, who, in turn, can't keep his hands off the servants. The gamekeeper, Joseph ([[Performer~P26546~Georges Geret~georgesgéret]]), is a fascist who keeps his masters informed of all the doings downstairs, and the next-door neighbor ([[Performer~P34698~Daniel Ivernel~danielivernel]]) is a veteran who can't stand Monteil and is sharing a bed with his housekeeper. Celestine picks her way through this minefield carefully, spurning the advances of all of the men until it's convenient for her. ~ Tom Wiener, Rovi

  • Release date:March 4, 1964