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Diabolique Details


Henri-Georges Clouzot's classic French thriller gets a Hollywood makeover in this glossy remake. Guy Baran (Chazz Palminteri) is the dull, loutish headmaster of a private school that has seen better days. While Guy oversees the day to day operations, the school is actually owned by his wife Mia (Isabelle Adjani), whose spirit has been crushed by Guy's casual cruelty and whose health is frail. Guy has been openly having an affair with one of his teachers, Nicole Horner (Sharon Stone), who has almost as much contempt for Guy as Mia. Mia and Nicole eventually join forces against their common enemy and plan to murder him and conceal the evidence. However, while the killing goes as planned, Guy's body mysteriously disappears from the carefully chosen spot where it was dumped, and when a chatty detective, Shirley Vogel (Kathy Bates) begins asking questions, both women begin to wonder who knows what about their murderous scheme. This was the third remake of Kathy Bates, following two made-for-TV adaptations, Reflection of Murder and House of Secrets. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:March 22, 1996


Sharon Stone
as Nicole Horner
Isabelle Adjani
as Mia Baran
Chazz Palminteri
as Guy Baran
Kathy Bates
as Det. Shirley Vogel
Spalding Gray
as Simon Veatch
Shirley Knight
as Edie Danziger
Donal Logue
as Video Photographer
Kevin Vinay
as Desantis
Clea Lewis
as Lisa Campos
Hank Stohl
as Morgue Cop
Bingo O'Malley
as Gannon
Stephen Liska
as PHP Officer
Allen Garfield
as Leo Katzmann
Zachary Mott
as Howie
Diana Bellamy
as Ms. Vawze
Kate Young
as Photo Shop Clerk
Sophia Salguero
as Maid
O'Neal Compton
as Irv Danziger
Adam Hann-Byrd
as Erik Pretzer


Jeremiah S. Chechik
Marvin Worth
James G. Robinson
Pierre Boileau
Book Author
Thomas Narcejac
Book Author
Randy Edelman
Composer (Music Score)
Randy Edelman
Carol Littleton
Leslie Dilley
Production Designer
Dennis Bradford
Art Director
Gary Daigler
Gary Barber
Executive Producer
Jerry Offsay
Executive Producer
Bill Todman, Jr.
Executive Producer
Chuck Binder
Executive Producer
Michael Seirton
Set Designer
Michael Kaplan
Costume Designer
Stephen Lee Davis
First Assistant Director
K.C. Colwell
First Assistant Director
Craig Haagensen
Camera Operator
Leslie Dilley
Technical Director
Leslie Dilley
Second Unit Director