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Devil in a Blue Dress Details


[[Performer~P74843~Denzel Washington~denzelwashington]] stars in this adaptation of the novel by African-American crime author [[Performer~P202695~Walter Mosley~waltermosley]], the first of his stories to reach the screen. Ezekiel Rawlins (Washington), known to his friends as "Easy," has just lost his job at an aircraft plant in post-WW II Los Angeles, a time when good-paying jobs for black men are hard to come by. He's wondering how to make his mortgage payment when he's approached by De Witt Albright ([[Performer~P66053~Tom Sizemore~tomsizemore]]), who describes his job as "doing favors for friends." It seems that a woman named Daphne Monet ([[Performer~P4745~Jennifer Beals~jenniferbeals]]) has gone missing; Daphne is the former girlfriend of wealthy mayoral candidate Todd Carter ([[Performer~P38417~Terry Kinney~terrykinney]]) and a known habitué of the black jazz clubs and night spots on L.A.'s Central Avenue. Albright offers Easy $100 to help him find Daphne, and while he doesn't have any detective experience, the price is right, so Easy agrees. After a passionate affair with a friend of Daphne's, Coretta James (Lisa Nicole Carson), leads to that woman's murder, Easy enlists the help of his friend Mouse ([[Performer~P12587~Don Cheadle~doncheadle]]), who seems to know just a bit too well how to use a gun, which gives Easy all too clear a look at the lower depths of L.A.'s upper crust. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:September 29, 1995


Awarded by
National Society of Film Critics Tak Fujimoto Best Cinematography 1995 Winner
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Don Cheadle Best Supporting Actor 1994 Winner
National Society of Film Critics Don Cheadle Best Supporting Actor 1995 Winner
Screen Actors Guild Don Cheadle Best Supporting Actor 1995 Nominee


Denzel Washington
as Easy Rawlins
Tom Sizemore
as DeWitt Albright
Jennifer Beals
as Daphne Monet
Don Cheadle
as Mouse
Maury Chaykin
as Matthew Terell
Terry Kinney
as Todd Carter
Jeris Poindexter
as Alphonso Jenkins
Brendan Kelly
as Terell's Chauffeur
Barry "Shabaka" Henley
as Woodcutter
Nicky Corello
as Sheriff
J.D. Smith
as Pool Hall Owner
Scott Lincoln
as Richard McGee
Albert Hall
as Odell
Nigel Gibbs
as Bootlegger
G. Smokey Campbell
as Nightclub Owner
Jernard Burks
as Dupree Brouchard
Kenny Endoso
as Manny
Beau Starr
as Miller
Joseph Latimore
as Frank Green
David Wolos-Fonteno
as Junior Fornay
Mel Winkler
as Joppy
Steve Randazzo
as Benny Giacomo
Peggy Rea
as Carter's Secretary
Frank Davis
as Butcher
Deborah Lacey
as Sophie
Vinny Argiro
as Baxter
John Roselius
as Mason


Carl Franklin
Gary Goetzman
Jesse Beaton
Carl Franklin
Walter Mosley
Book Author
Tak Fujimoto
Elmer Bernstein
Composer (Music Score)
Carole Kravetz
Gary Frutkoff
Production Designer
Dan Webster
Art Director
Walter Mosley
Associate Producer
Donna Gigliotti
Associate Producer
Jonathan Demme
Executive Producer
Edward Saxon
Executive Producer
Kathryn Peters
Set Designer
Lauren Polizzi
Set Designer
Sharen Davis
Costume Designer
Ken Segal
Sound/Sound Designer
Katterli A. Frauenfelder
First Assistant Director
Mark Cotone
First Assistant Director
Victoria Thomas