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An educator and the school where he works are both on the verge of collapse in this hard-hitting drama from director Tony Kaye. Henry Barthes (Adrien Brody) is a gifted teacher whose psyche has been taking a beating -- he still bears emotional scars from his mother's drunken tirades while he was a child, and he's been forced to look after his grandfather (Louis Zorich) as he dies a slow, painful death. Henry has become a substitute teacher rather than fully commit himself to his students, but his latest assignment takes him to a high school where the building is in sad shape and the staff are faring no better. The principal, Carol Dearden (Marcia Gay Harden), is dealing with an unsupportive school board and a hostile husband (Bryan Cranston), Mr. Wiatt (Tim Blake Nelson) is being driven to the edge of a nervous breakdown, Mr. Seaboldt (James Caan) is too cynical to care about his work anymore, and guidance counselor Dr. Parker (Lucy Liu) spends more time insulting the students than helping them. As Barthes struggles to find a reason to continue, two troubled kids break through his wall of ennui -- Meredith (Betty Kaye), an overweight student who is a target for bullies among the students and staff, and Erica (Sami Gayle), a 15-year-old who has sex for money and is used as a punching bag by those around her. Detachment received its world premiere at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:March 16, 2012


Adrien Brody
as Henry Barthes
Marcia Gay Harden
as Dearden
James Caan
as Mr. Charles Seaboldt
Lucy Liu
as Dr. Doris Parker
Christina Hendricks
as Ms. Sarah Madison
Tim Blake Nelson
as Mr. Wiatt
Bryan Cranston
as Mr. Dearden
Louis Zorich
as Grampa
Blythe Danner
as Ms. Perkins
William Petersen
as Mr. Serge Kepler
Isiah Whitlock, Jr.
as Mr. Mathias
Chris Papavasiliou
as Dr. Hart
Roslyn Ruff
as Angry Mother
John Cenatiempo
as Male Child Services Officer
Brenda Pressley
as Female Child Services Officer
Mary Joy
as Female Orderly
Brennan Brown
as Greg Raymond
Stephen Payne
as John on Bus
James Hosey
as Kenny
Justin Campbell
as Male Orderly
Josh Pais
as Meredith's Father
Doug E. Doug
as Mr. Norris
Samantha Logan
as Spitting Daughter


Tony Kaye
Benji Kohn
Bingo Gubelmann
Greg Shapiro
Chris Papavasiliou
Austin Stark
Tony Kaye
Geoffrey Richman
Barry Alexander Brown
Jade Healy
Production Designer
Peter Sterling
Executive Producer
Adrien Brody
Executive Producer
Mary Prlain
Set Decorator
Wendy Schecter
Costume Designer
John Cenatiempo
Stunts Coordinator
Beth Melsky
Casting Director
Peter Goddard
Brian Kenyon
Second Assistant Director
Jonathan Ferrantelli
Post Production Supervisor

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