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Det Gar Aldrig Dom Man Tankt Sig Details


Mans Herngren directs this quiet, sad family comedy about love and jealousy. The film focuses on a trio of sisters: Sophia (Josefin Nilsson), who is expecting a child with her significant other Freddie (Jacob Ericksson); Gina (Marie Richardson), who is married to Roffe (Peter Dalle) and remains childless in spite of their best efforts; and Tina (Cecilia Frode), who has had several kids by larcenous deadbeat Pulver (Peter Wahlbeck). The sisters' mother Solveig (Bibi Andersson) remains an overbearing presence in their lives, continually giving out unwanted advice, while their father Tage (Gosta Ekman) is a withdrawn man who quietly longs for something new. After Sophia gives birth, she accepts a starring role on a TV crime drama, though she tells Freddie that it will not interfere with her child-rearing duties. Soon, however, Sophia's job demands more and more of her time, forcing her to fob off her baby onto her mother and Tina. Meanwhile, Gina seethes with envy over her elder sister's biological productivity, straining her marriage to Roffe. At the same time, Tage suddenly takes up jogging -- to the surprise of everyone. Later, the women of the family discover the reason for his sudden interest in exercise -- he as a much younger mistress. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi