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Destroy All Monsters! Details


This colorful, no-holds-barred clash of the titans -- directed by Inoshiro Honda (one of monsterdom's foremost experts) -- features nearly all of Japan's ground-pounding superstars, including Godzilla (and son), Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah... and even tosses in Anzilla, Baragon, Goro, Wendra, Spiga and Varan for the explosive climax. The setup involves a race of evil aliens known as Kilaaks, who release the world's population of giant monsters from their quarantine on Monster Island, employing powerful mind-control devices on the monsters as part of their master plan for subjugating humanity. When the secret equipment used for this purpose is discovered beneath Mount Fuji and destroyed, the aliens make a last-ditch attempt at reclaiming their foothold by summoning three-headed Ghidorah from space -- but by then, Godzilla and the other city-stompers have rallied together to defend the Earth from the alien menace. Released in Japan as Kaiju Soshingeki, this is one of Honda's more colorful monster extravaganzas, and a must-see for fans of the genre. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Akira Kubo
as SY-3 Captain Katsuo Yamabe
Jun Tazaki
as Dr. Yoshido
Yoshio Tsuchiya
as Dr. Otani
Kenji Sahara
as Commander Nishikawa
Andrew Hughes
as Dr. Stevenson
Susumu Kurobe
Yutaka Sada
Yoshifumi Tajima
Kazuo Suzuki
Haruo Nakajima
as Military Advisor/Gojira
Ikio Sawamura
as Old Farmer
Andrew Hughes
as Dr. Stevenson
Haruo Nakajima
as Military Advisor/Gojira


Ishiro Honda
Kaoru Mabuchi
Takeshi Kimura
Akira Ifukube
Composer (Music Score)
Ryohei Fujii
Takeo Kita
Art Director
Sadamasa Arikawa
Special Effects