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The Demolitionist Details


Set in a future American metropolis, Metro City, this sci-fi-thriller features a policewoman heroine who like the hero in was brought back from the dead and turned into a super-human fighter. Unlike the aforementioned robot-man, however, she is brought back not with hardware, but with special drugs and a heavy duty training program. The woman dislikes the drugs because of the nightmares they create, but she is dedicated and so completes her regimen so successfully that she is called the Demolitionist and sent out to clean up the city's crime-fouled streets. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Nicole Eggert
as Alyssa/ The Demolitionist
Richard Grieco
as Mad Dog
Susan Tyrrell
as Mayor Grimbaum
Bruce Abbott
as Professor Jack
Sarah Douglas
as Surgeon
Jack Nance
as Father McKenzie
David Anthony Marshall
as One Eye
Dan Hicks
as Krutchfield
Heather Langenkamp
as Christy Caruthers
Tom Savini
as Roland
Peter Jason
as Higgens
Andras Jones
as Daniel Dupre
Nils Allen Stewart
as Hammerhead
Reggie Bannister
as Warden Thomas
Joseph Pilato
as Bower


Robert Kurtzman
Donald P. Borchers
Robert Kurtzman
Screen Story