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Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold Details


This confused sequel -- bearing many names in the credits: Delta Force 2, Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection -- to the first Delta Force movie lacks the nightmarish collection of guest stars gracing the first film, i.e. Hanna Shygulla, Martin Balsam, Shelley Winters, George Kennedy, and Joey Bishop. Chuck Norris, however, returns as Col. Scott McCoy, a man in a blue funk because notorious drug dealer Ramon Cota (Billy Drago) arranged to have McCoy's partner and his partner's wife and baby brother killed. Cota has also kidnapped three DEA agents to boot. Even without Lee Marvin, Col. McCoy wants to enact biblical vengeance upon Cota and his cartel. As a result, McCoy and his marines travel to the Latin American dictatorship of San Carlos. There they destroy half of the country's cocaine supply and proceed to search out and destroy the evil Cota and his minions. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:August 24, 1990


Chuck Norris
as Col. Scott McCoy
Billy Drago
as Ramon Cota
Bobby Chavez
as Paul
John Ryan
as Gen. Taylor
Richard Jaeckel
as John Page
Mateo Gomez
as Ernesto Flores
Begonia Plaza
as Quinquina
Geof Brewer
as Major Anderson
Greg Hackbarth
as Coast Guard Crewman
Gerald Castillo
as DEA Director
Joe Collins
as Delta Soldier
Ruth de Sosa
as Rita Chavez
James Dixon
Ronnie Lazaro
as Quiquina's Husband
Paul Perri
as Maj. Bobby Chavez
Bill Campbell
as Delta Soldier
Rina Reyes
as Olmedo's Mistress
Richard Warlock
as DEA Agent in Van
Mark Margolis
as Gen. Olmedo
Don "The Dragon" Wilson
as Delta Soldier
Michael Heit
as DEA Agent in Van
Hector Mercado
as Miguel
Chris Castillejo
as Alex
Dan Furnad
as Delta Radioman
Eric Hahn
as DEA Agent
Ned Hourani
as Delta Soldier
Dave Brodett
as Mercenary Captain


Aaron Norris
Lee Reynolds
Joao Fernandes
Frederic Talgorn
Composer (Music Score)
Ladislav Wilheim
Production Designer
Christopher Pearce
Yoram Globus
Katherine Dover
Costume Designer