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Laurence Fishburne plays no-nonsense LAPD narc Russell Stevens, Jr., who has worked all his life to expunge the memory of his dope-addict father, whom he saw die in a liquor-store robbery. DEA agent Jerry Carver (Charles Martin Smith) orders Stevens to work as an undercover operative on a major case. The cop is to pose as a dealer in order to get the goods on South American drug lord. Stevens is so convincing as a dealer, that he fast works his way up through the ranks and gains the trust of lawyer and narcotics dealer David Jason (Jeff Goldblum) and his sinister associates, all lackeys to the kingpin who is the target of Stevens' assignment. Through a series of fantastic but credible circumstances, Stevens eliminates the lower echelon, getting closer to his quarry, but in the process he finds himself so deep into the sinister and seductive world of the drug trade that he may never get out. In a surprise move, and just when he is about to bring the ringleader down, the DEA pulls the plug on his assignment, because the top dealer, an influential Latin American politician, may someday be useful to the State Department. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:April 15, 1992


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Jeff Goldblum Best Supporting Actor 1992 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Laurence Fishburne Best Actor 1992 Nominee


Laurence Fishburne
as Russell Stevens, Jr./John Hull
Jeff Goldblum
as David Jason
Victoria Dillard
as Betty McCutcheon
Charles Martin Smith
as Jerry Carver
Gregory Sierra
as Felix Barbosa
Clarence Williams III
as Ken Taft
Rene Assa
as Hector Guzman
Alex Colon
as Molto
Roger Guenveur Smith
as Eddie
Sidney Lassick
as Gopher
Kamala Lopez
as Belinda
Julio Oscar Mechoso
as Hernandez
Glynn Turman
as Russell Stevens, Sr.
James T. Morris
as Ivy
Arthur Mendozo
as Gallegos
Sandra Gould
as Mrs. O.
Def Jef
as Bartender
Cory Curtis
as Young Russell Stevens, Jr.
Ron Thompson
as Guard
Anna Berger
as Congresswoman
Jaime Cardriche
as Shark
Tony Perez
as Guzman's Lawyer
Erik Kilpatrick
as Dealer
Lionel Matthews
as Officer Winston
Alisa Christensen
as Ivy's Driver
Clifton Powell
as Leland
Ed Cambridge
as Crackhead #2
Nick LaTour
as Republican Congressman
Bruce Barbour
as Policeman
Mike Radner
as Coroner
Yvette Heyden
as Nancy
Donald Bishop
as Judge
J.W. Smith
as Video Dealer
Tyrin Turner
as Dealer
John Shepherd
as Undercover Cop
Ric Mancini
as Congressman


Bill Duke
Michael De Luca
Pierre David
Thomas Baer
Henry Bean
Henry Bean
Daryl Haney
Michael Tolkin
Bojan Bazelli
Michel Colombier
Composer (Music Score)
Pamela B. Warner
Production Designer
Daniel W. Bickel
Art Director
Deborah Moore
David Streit
Executive Producer
Arlene Gant
Costume Designer