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Death Wish 3 Details


Michael Winner ups the ante once again in Death Wish 3. Any pretense of Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) having a career in architecture is completely gone. Kersey's new career appears to be as a professional vigilante, blowing away muggers, rapists and thieves off the mean streets -- or as he terms it "thinning the herd." Back in New York City, Kersey, with his usual luck, arrives just in time to find an old friend dying after a vicious beating by a multi-cultural gang of thugs. The cops arrest Kersey, but it just so happens that police chief Richard S. Shriker (Ed Lauter) is like Kersey with a badge: "I'm the law, and that means I get to violate your civil rights." He makes a deal with Kersey: he can go free as long as he keeps the cops informed of his death counts. Kersey grunts in agreement and proceeds to move into a decaying tenement building in the middle of a bombed out gang war zone. The building is populated by a group of elderly tenants who are terrified by the neighborhood gang warfare. Kersey declares his own personal war on the neighborhood gang, led by a frenzied leader named Fraker (Gavan O'Herilhy), who wears a reverse Mohawk hair-style. As Kersey devises booby traps and trip-wire bombs to confound the gang, the senior citizens gleefully take pot shots at the wounded gang members from their windows. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Charles Bronson
as Paul Kersey
Deborah Raffin
as Kathryn Davis
Ed Lauter
as Richard Striker
Martin Balsam
as Bennett
Gavan O'Herlihy
as Fraker
Kirk Taylor
as Giggler
Tony Spiridakis
as Angel
Ricco Ross
as The Cuban
Tony Britts
as Tulio
Francis Drake
as Charley
Marina Sirtis
as Maria
Birdie M. Hale
as Mugging Victim
Sandy Grizzle
as Rape Victim
Ron Travis
as Policeman
Ralph Monaco
as Policeman
William Roberts
as Policeman
Bob Dysinger
as Punk at Car
Alex Winter
as Hermosa
Olivia Ward
as Protesting Lady
Leo Kharibian
as Eli Kaprov
Topo Grajeda
as Garcia
Peter Banks
as Policeman
Joe Cirillo
as Policeman
Ronald Fernee
as Intern
Dinah May
as Nurse
Steffanie Pitt
as Nurse
Hana-Maria Pravda
as Mrs. Kaprov
David Crean
as Hector
Billy Mitchell
as Fraker's Lawyer
Lee Patterson
as TV Newscaster
Hayward Morse
as Intern
Kenny Marino
as Used Car Seller
Sam Douglas
as Policeman
Nelson Fernandez
as Chaco
Barbie Wilde
as Female Punk
Manning Redwood
as Lieutenant Sterns


Michael Winner
Menahem Golan
Yoram Globus
Michael Edmonds
Jimmy Page
Composer (Music Score)
Arnold Crust
Peter Mullins
Production Designer
David Minty
Art Director
Michael Winner
Michael J. Kagan
Associate Producer
Robin Tarsnane
Set Designer
Gretchen Rau
Set Designer
Peggy Farrell
Costume Designer
John Evans
Special Effects
Steve Kirshoff
Special Effects
Tip Tipping
Harry Madsen
Marc Boyle
Bill Daly
Sound Recordist
Carla White