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Death Ship Details


After a passenger liner is rammed and sunk by a derelict German freighter from World War II, the handful of survivors (which include George Kennedy and Richard Crenna) manage to board the unmanned hulk but soon discover that their perils have just begun. Apparently the freighter served as a kind of floating Nazi torture dungeon, and its corridors and bulkheads have somehow become imbued with the very forces of evil that once tormented its captive cargo. When the rather lethargic resident ghosts finally work up the energy to harass their new visitors, viewers are treated to a gallery of decomposing corpses, a supernaturally-triggered case of acne, and the somewhat bland demonic possession of Kennedy, who suddenly declares himself Nazi commandant for a day. This rusty, waterlogged variant on the standard haunted-house theme begins with the interesting premise of ship-as-predator, but provides nothing new in the way of shocks, effects or atmosphere -- and the sleepwalking leads don't help matters either. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


George Kennedy
as Capt. Ashland
Richard Crenna
as Capt. Trevor Marshall
Nick Mancuso
as Nick
Sally Ann Howes
as Margaret Marshall
Kate Reid
as Sylvia
Victoria Burgoyne
as Lori
Jennifer McKinney
as Robin Marshall
Danny Higham
as Ben Marshall
Saul Rubinek
as Jackie


Alvin Rakoff
Derek Gibson
Sandy Howard
Harold Greenberg
John Robins
Ivor Slaney
Composer (Music Score)
Michel Proulx
Art Director
Sandy Howard
Executive Producer
Michael Albrechtson
Special Effects
Don Carmody
Production Executive