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Dear Wife Details


A sequel to 1947's this movie has William Holden and Joan Caulfield portraying a young married couple with some definite in-law problems. When Caulfield's younger sister gets Holden to run for the State senate, a whole new kettle of worms is opened--his opponent is his Father-in-law. In spite of former suitors trying to break up their relationship and the obvious stress caused by the campaign, everything works out Hollywood-style. This was followed by a sequel for the younger sister, entitled Joan Caulfield ~ Tana Hobart, Rovi


William Holden
as Bill Seacroft
Joan Caulfield
as Ruth Seacroft
Billy De Wolfe
as Albert Kummer
Mona Freeman
as Miriam Wilkins
Edward Arnold
as Judge Wilkins
Arleen Whelan
as Tommy Murphy
Harry Von Zell
as Radio announcer
Raymond Roe
as Ziggy
Mary Field
as Mrs. Bixby
Irving Bacon
as Mike man
Gordon Jones
as Taxicab Driver
Marietta Canty
as Dora
Don Beddoe
as Metcalfs
Claire Du Brey
as Woman
Harland Tucker
as Mr. Burroughs
Ida Moore
as Blowsy woman
Franklin Farnum
as Campaign Man
Paul E. Burns
as Mr. Grindle
Bess Flowers
as Mrs. Grindle
Leon Tyler
as Gawky Boy
Len Hendry
as Bank teller
Richard Haydn
as Last early riser
Tom Dugan
as Painter
Harry Harvey
as Mr. Channock
Ralph Montgomery
as Control Man
Roger Davis
as Committee chairman


Richard Haydn
Richard Maibaum
Arthur Sheekman
Van Cleave
Composer (Music Score)
Doane Harrison
Archie Marshek
Earl Hedrick
Art Director
Hans Dreier
Art Director