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This lushly photographed, contemporary film noir tries to substitute looks and unconvincing, contrived plot twists for substance, capturing the look of a film noir but lacking the depth and characterization needed to make the film work. After his father, Mike is killed, Joe Donan ([[Performer~P6111~Michael Biehn~michaelbiehn]]) finds evidence that his Uncle Lou ([[Performer~P195536~James Coburn~jamescoburn]]) in a dual role as Mike and Lou, might have stolen money from his father. Joe hooks up with Lou and his drug-taking lackey, Eddie ([[Performer~P10155~Nicolas Cage~nicolascage]]). Joe also falls for Eddie's beautiful, but devious girlfriend Diane ([[Performer~P71795~Sarah Trigger~sarahtrigger]]). Joe kills Eddie and gains Lou's confidence, joining him in a diamond swindle. As the unnecessarily complicated plot concludes, Joe learns the shocking truth that he himself has been the victim of a scam. [[Performer~P6111~Michael Biehn~michaelbiehn]] while a good-looking and competent actor, fails to find the depth necessary to bring his outwardly sophisticated but surprisingly naive character to life. [[Performer~P71795~Sarah Trigger~sarahtrigger]] is too shallow to make a convincing noir femme-fatale, and her obvious deviousness would fool only the most gullible. [[Performer~P10155~Nicolas Cage~nicolascage]], in a totally over-the-top performance also fails to give his character any believability or depth. Director [[Performer~P85867~Christopher Coppola~christophercoppola]] takes a potentially interesting premise and muddles it with too many plot twists and unconvincing performances. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi


Christopher Coppola
Mark Amin
Ted Fox
Christopher Coppola
Maryse Alberti
Clare Scarpulla
Production Designer