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Deadfall Details


This lushly photographed, contemporary film noir tries to substitute looks and unconvincing, contrived plot twists for substance, capturing the look of a film noir but lacking the depth and characterization needed to make the film work. After his father, Mike is killed, Joe Donan ([[Performer~P6111~Michael Biehn~michaelbiehn]]) finds evidence that his Uncle Lou ([[Performer~P195536~James Coburn~jamescoburn]]) in a dual role as Mike and Lou, might have stolen money from his father. Joe hooks up with Lou and his drug-taking lackey, Eddie ([[Performer~P10155~Nicolas Cage~nicolascage]]). Joe also falls for Eddie's beautiful, but devious girlfriend Diane ([[Performer~P71795~Sarah Trigger~sarahtrigger]]). Joe kills Eddie and gains Lou's confidence, joining him in a diamond swindle. As the unnecessarily complicated plot concludes, Joe learns the shocking truth that he himself has been the victim of a scam. [[Performer~P6111~Michael Biehn~michaelbiehn]] while a good-looking and competent actor, fails to find the depth necessary to bring his outwardly sophisticated but surprisingly naive character to life. [[Performer~P71795~Sarah Trigger~sarahtrigger]] is too shallow to make a convincing noir femme-fatale, and her obvious deviousness would fool only the most gullible. [[Performer~P10155~Nicolas Cage~nicolascage]], in a totally over-the-top performance also fails to give his character any believability or depth. Director [[Performer~P85867~Christopher Coppola~christophercoppola]] takes a potentially interesting premise and muddles it with too many plot twists and unconvincing performances. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi


Michael Biehn
as Joe Donan
Nicolas Cage
as Eddie
Sarah Trigger
as Diane
Peter Fonda
as Pete
James Coburn
as Mike Donan/Uncle Lou
Angus Scrimm
as Dr. Lyme
Micky Dolenz
as Bart
Renée Estevez
as Baby's Babe
Clarence Williams III
as Dean
Darlanne Fluegel
J. Kenneth Campbell
as Huey
Clarence M. Landry
as Leroy
Ted Fox
as Zane
Michael Constantine
as Frank
Ron Taylor
as The Baby
Marc Coppola
as Bob


Christopher Coppola
Ted Fox
Mark Amin
Christopher Coppola
Maryse Alberti
Clare Scarpulla
Production Designer