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Dead and Buried Details


Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett, the screenwriters behind the highly successful Ronald Shusett, turned their attention to earthbound terrors with this creepy horror tale. Dead and Buried focuses on Dan Gillis (James Farentino), a man who has recently returned to his hometown of Potter's Bluff to be its sheriff. His job becomes difficult when a series of strangers who visit Potter's Bluff begin dying in violent and mysterious ways. To make matters worse, his wife, Janet (Melody Anderson), has begun to act strangely, taking an odd interest in voodoo and acting like she might be having an affair. As the murder victims pile up, Gillis discovers that all his troubles have an occult origin that has to do with the town's elderly mortician, Dobbs (Jack Albertson, in his final feature film role). Gillis gets to the bottom of the mystery, only to discover that the truth is much worse than he imagined. Despite effective direction and solid acting, Dead and Buried got lost in the shuffle of the early '80s horror boom and failed to click with the movie-going public. However, it later gained an audience via home video and cable and remains a minor cult favorite today thanks to its singular blend of creepy atmosphere and gruesome shocks. ~ Donald Guarisco, Rovi


James Farentino
as Dan
Melody Anderson
as Janet
Jack Albertson
as Dobbs
Dennis Redfield
as Ron
Nancy Locke
as Linda
Lisa Blount
as Girl on the beach
Robert Englund
as Harry
Bill Quinn
as Ernie
Michael Currie
as Herman
Christopher Allport
as George Le Moyne
Christopher Allport
as 'Freddie' the photographer
Macon McCalman
as Ben
Joseph Medalis
as Doctor
Glenn Morshower
as Jimmy
Michael Pataki
as Sam
Tony Cecere
Barry Corbin
as Phil
Ed Bakey
as Fisherman


Gary Sherman
Robert Fentress
Ronald Shusett
Ronald Shusett
Dan O'Bannon
Alex Stern
Screen Story
Jeff Millar
Screen Story
Steven Poster
Joe Renzetti
Composer (Music Score)
Alan Balsam
William Sandell
Production Designer
Joe Aubel
Art Director
Michael Rachmil
Associate Producer
John W. Hyde
Executive Producer
Dennis Barton
Set Designer
James Tocci
Set Designer
Erica Phillips
Costume Designer
Bill Jobe
Costume Designer
Stan Winston
Makeup Special Effects