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Dark City Details


Though he had previously appeared in David Bradley's film adaptation of David Bradley, Dark City marked Charlton Heston's first role in a major Hollywood production. Danny (Heston) and his pals Augie (Jack Webb), Soldier (Henry Morgan), and Barney (Ed Begley Sr.) set up a poker game to take Arthur Winant (Don DeFore) for all his money, but after the fact they discover that the money he lost wasn't really his and, in desperation, Arthur killed himself. Arthur's brother Sidney (Mike Mazurki), a large man not known for his emotional stability, becomes enraged when he learns the facts about Arthur's death, and he vows to kill the men responsible. When his friends start dropping like flies, Danny hides out with his girlfriend, nightclub singer Fran Garland (Lizabeth Scott), and pays a visit to Arthur's widow Victoria (Viveca Lindfors) in hopes of finding out who the killer might be. Jack Webb and Henry Morgan later reformed after their first appearance together as criminals when they co-starred in the TV show Viveca Lindfors. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 20, 1998


Charlton Heston
as Danny Haley
Lizabeth Scott
as Fran Garland
Viveca Lindfors
as Victoria Winant
Dean Jagger
as Capt. Garvey
Don DeFore
as Arthur Winant
Jack Webb
as Augie
Walter Sande
as Swede
Mike Mazurki
as Sidney Winant
Greta Granstedt
as Margie
Robin Camp
as Boy
Byron Foulger
as Motel Manager
Mike Mahoney
as Cashier
Sally Corner
as Woman
Stanley Prager
as Sammy
Dewey Robinson
as Gambler
Jeffrey Sayre
as Gambler
Walter Burke
as Bartender
Billy Sheehan
as Gambler
Ralph Peters
as Proprietor
Otto Waldis
as Benowski
Franz Roehn
as Photographer


William Dieterle
Hal B. Wallis
Victor Milner
Franz Waxman
Composer (Music Score)
Warren Low
Franz Bachelin
Art Director
Hans Dreier
Art Director
Sam Comer
Set Designer
Emile Kuri
Set Designer
Edith Head
Costume Designer
Wally Westmore