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A Dark Truth Details


In A Dark Truth, Garcia plays an ex-CIA op-turned political talk show host. He’s hired by a corporate whistle blower to expose her company’s cover-up of a massacre in a South American village. The film draws attention to man’s inhumanity and unconscious actions against the environment and questions if there is a moral and ethical obligation when talking about boundaries, borders and human interaction. With the ever-increasing depletion of earth’s natural resource of water serving as the backdrop, a multi-national corporation disregards basic human needs that result in widespread illness and a people’s uprising. The distress causes unlikely allies to conspire and seek redemption for past deeds and the greater good.

  • Release date:January 4, 2013


Andy Garcia
as Jack Begosian
Deborah Kara Unger
as Morgan Swinton
Eva Longoria
as Mia Francis
Forest Whitaker
as Francisco Francis
Kim Coates
as Bruce Swinton
Kevin Durand
as Torrance Mashinter
Devon Bostick
as Renaldo
Steven Bauer
as Tony Green
Lara Daans
as Karen Begosian
Lloyd Adams
as Ben
Danielle Baker
as Reporter #2
Clint Carleton
as Baddie #1
Colby Chartrand
as Baddie #5
Eugene Clark
as Clive Bell
Lucky Ejim
as Mobata
David Ferry
as CIA Lawyer
Joel Harris
as Baddie #3
Allegra Fulton
as Renaldo's Mom (Voice)
Damian Lee
as Robert Johnson
Steve Lucescu
as Baddie #6
Daniel Matmor
as Senator
Julio Oscar Mechoso
as Guide
Layton Morrison
as Becker
Simon Reynolds
as Tom Delmonte
Al Sapienza
as Doug Calder
John Stoneham
as Chaz


Damian Lee
Bill Marks
Gary Howsam
Damian Lee
Bobby Shore
William Steinkamp
Devon Bostick
Associate Producer
Joe Drago
Associate Producer
Jonathan Katz
Associate Producer
Rick Chad
Associate Producer
Andy Garcia
Executive Producer
Kim Coates
Executive Producer
Stephanie Gorin
Casting Director